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Drifting into December Days

'Without a juxtaposition we're just stuck in a single memory'

Good day to you all.
Guess what... It's December.
For some, it's just about the height of summer and for some, well roll on Winter !!!

Today was just so beautiful, the Winter sun and clear(ish) blue skies seriously, this is the Winter I prefer and of course snow !!!
O.o and did I mention Christmas lights too. 

Taking a step into December leads to a juxtaposition also contrast. For some, it's about last minute.com things we can do to finish off 2016...

Don't worry, if you haven't done exactly what you wanted through 2016. It's okay if things haven't  exactly gone to plan. Just remember, 2017 is around the corner, giving you another shot at your goals and a chance to re-discover your self again. 

My advice to you all, (as well as myself) is to take December calmly. Relax !
You've all worked hard to come this far so it's a good time to just slow down and unwind. 

By the way, is everyone loving these earrings. 
Because, I do. 
Literally so affordable and create a unique finish to your look.
Look out for my next blog post showing where I got them from.
But for those who can't wait.
 Follow @justafewprettythings via Instagram to find out more. 

Legging~ Random shop
Knee High Boots~BHS
Naturally Dope Earrings~@justafewprettythings
Fedora Hat~H&M
Choker~D.I.Y (Stocking)


Nikon D3200
Lens 50-200

Thank you Domalie

 Hope you all have a wonderful month.
Lots of kisses and hugs 



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