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It was once, a seedling began its life, in the meadows,known as home. Other seedings were there too amongst the site of blossoming tulips lillies and all. However, the seedling, didn't last very long, as it was displaced into an area that was almost as if it has done something very wrong. 
The soil was well nourished and well kept every day.  Nevertheless, the seedling wondered, why did it ever come to a place so remote from it's fellow seedlings. Was it the fact that it didn't grow as fast as the others? Was it not as beautiful as the others? Or was it just an outcast? 

Every day, from a wide stretch of land, the seedling could tell its fellow friends enjoyed the life of blooming and showing it's best colours to the rest of the world. 
And so the seedling began to search for the answer, deeper and deeper into the soil it went. 

The raining season past and so did winter. Some months were tough but some months didn't seem to phase it at all, so long as it was searching for the answer.
Until a bright summers day when sun shone through,it provided the opportunity for the seedling noticed it's roots. It had stretch far and wide and it's stud had grown a substantial amount. To it's surprise a little flower blossomed, however small it was, it gave it hope for the coming years. 

It is then when the seedling knew it's time was coming.

For those must know, the deeper your roots go, the stronger you become. It doesn't matter about the outside appearance or what everyone can see all of a sudden, but what it underneath that will help you stand up right when the day comes to test your groundings.
 7 years had passed, the then seedling was not as it first appeared, but a strong,well natured phylogenetic tree.
The other plants and flowers in the distance were captivated by its striking appearance. 
It provided shade to others, fruit for others, a stead branch to attach a swing for the the children and a nesting ground for the birds eggs. 
Most of all it provided knowledge and wisdom. That was then, the tree discovered it's true nature and purpose~

~ About me ~

Born in Zimbabwe, and having lived there for 8 years before coming to England. I thought of the place as being my home, wanting to go back to those days where everything in my young eyes just seemed right. 

As I grew, I, like the seedling searched for the answers while seeing others bloom quicker than I.
I decided to start a blog documenting my fashion choices and having little hints of African fashion too. That hinted me to head deeper into the meaning of culture and discover a way to tell you I love where I come from. 
I want to share it with those who haven't seen many parts of the world including Africa.

 I would love the new generations to feel that they shouldn't be afraid to discover and explore their roots. 
So, hold on to what you know and have, use it to your best ability and you could help others discover themselves.

Welcome to 'Discovering ZIMZYGIRL' and thank you for Discovering me  Now it's time to help you discover your journey~

Lots of kisses and hugs

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