How to survive the Heat Wave

Heyaaaa, Samantha Planet Earth Calling ;) here !!!!!
How ya'llll doing today ? Todays weather has actually been so good !!! Literally a good day to be out and about or at the beach catching a tan !
This weekend is looking beautiful soooo I am here to just give my advice/steps on how to prepare for a sun kissed weekend ....(is that even a good word to use) ....hmmmm..... anyways ahahahaha before I continue writing gerberishhh I shall begin !!!

10 Steps to enjoy your Heat Wave Weekend !!!!

by Samantha Planet Earth Calling ;) aka @zimzygirl
 Make sure you carry water with you !!!! Water is essential !! Its hot and your going to get dehydrated sooooooo quick especially if your going to be out and about in the sun all day. Trust me have a water bottle in your bag filled up at all times, I am pretty sure there places such as cafes where you can fill them up for free!

 Carry music with you ! ahahha lawwwlll im not sure if anyone has said this before in their steps to enjoy you heat wave weekend..hmmm...BUT yes, you want to have a good time and music is actually very entertaining especially if you are on a long train journey to the beach.

 Meet Up with Friends !!Old friends or your current friends. Everyone is going to be willing to go out. Who wants to be locked indoors the whole day ??? You must be cray crayy if you wanting to stay indoors the whole day while the sun is blazing outside. Boys drop your Xbox's for a day, Girls leave your phone alone and gooooooo outside and chill out with everyone !

Hmm where to go ? Well here is a few places I have listed to check out if your planning on where to go !
Littlehampton Beach (UK) - sandy beach
Brighton Beach (UK) - one of the well known pebble beaches in the UK...well that's what I think...
Bournemouth Beach (UK)- very popular place to head too if your looking for a sandy beach to go advice for this beach is to leave early if your wanting to get a place to catch a tan or chill...only two hours and a half hours journey from London (Clapham Junction)
Hyde Park (UK)- such a big park situated in central London... usually concerts happen there and 5 minutes walking distance to Oxford Street!!!!
Fun Fair (local area may have one going on)- just remember not to eat before going on a ride
Outdoor Pools - (all sure) - if your not willing to head to the beach or its too far of a journey for you why not visit you local outdoor pool. They are usually quite cheap and its soooo cooling once you jump into the water.
BBQ - (in your own back garden)- right I know you may need to do the shopping if you want to have a bbq , but hey its sooooo sunny and you want to enjoy the sun especially if you are living in a country that rains nearly everyday...aka ENGLAND... Very much a sociable event therefore you can keep it to a family type of bbq gathering to a friends old and new gathering!!! Plussss you can get out the boom boxes is theat what they called ...hmmmm anyways aahha and play all the summer time music..

Maybe go roller skating if you haven't tried it before or skateboarding.... Roller Skating is quite a summer thing to do. I actually enjoy roller skating soooo much ahahaha so if you probably see me around ahahahha! Personally I think the inlines are the best especially if you like skating fast but the Quads too are really good and fashionable if your wanting to look HAAAWWWTT this summer.

Please do carry shades in your bag if you have them ! Ahahah they also do summarise you outfit too. Great place to get them cheap is Primark or if your wanting the fashionable ones URBAN OUTFITTERS does amazing fashionable sun glasses . (Hahaha short but sweet!)

HOWWWW Can I almost forget
You do not want to end up burnt red like a tomato..Nope Nope that will not do... Remember everyone where sun cream you will definitely need it for the blazing sun!!!

Its not winter..... so no need for jackets or gloves! If so wear a hat obviously not a woollen hat that made to keep you warm in the winter. Shorts are quite summery or skirts and short sleeved tops and sandals/flip flops too ahahha don't worry ill give a better detailed type in my next post on what to wear!!

 Take a lot of pictures outside...Ahhahaha im so random now...
Yes but do take pictures. The sun actually does make your pictures come out soo good and you can capture all the fun times your having :D All you insta lovers out there I wanna see your summer time pictures !!!

Enjoy yourself, be you, do you ,and just have a great day no matter what you get up too....
If its like the only time your having a Heatwave go out and do something fun outside leave your busy life for even an hour or soo and relax in the sun making sure you have the list of items I said in my steps close by. They will help you sooo much....

TEHEHE alrighty ya'lllllllllllllllll
Lots of kisses and hugs Stacey xXx

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