The Challenge

Bonjour mes cheries/ my darlings !!!!!!!
 (correct me if I'm wrong by the way... I'm trying to perfect me french by the end of summer)!!!

So recently I have been on The Challenge  and for the first week we went to Cumbria near Scotland but I tell everyone I went to Scotland instead of saying Cumbria where Lake District is ! Wow did I get a tan and a half !!!! 👍😎☀🐮
 (sorry ya'lllll this isn't a fashion blog post today but I really wanted to blog about something different) 

The Challenge Network I must say is a great idea ! I know it has only been my first week but I have met so many new people my age and it feels like I have known them for years due to the fact we did so many activities together outdoor that made us come together ! All the cheering and encouraging from everyone made me realise that there is so many wonderful people in the world with such positive minds ! 

I experienced so much out doors from rafting to abseiling and camping outside and one of the hardest was hiking for hours!! Hiking in the heat up thousands of mountains/hills , it actually felt like I work out and I didn't need to work out for a whole month ... (hmmmm wonder if that makes sense) 😁 

Now time for me to continue to week 2 of The Challenge Network ! I shall be spending my days in a uni and living the life of a uni student 😁📚 but also I shall be working with my team on quite a lot of different tasks! Look out or an update on week 2 everyone !!! 

And now for pictures ! 🗻

Sheeppppp !! 

 the bag was nearly the size of me and I had to carry it with me on a million hour walk/hike across many mountains!!!! 
I think I must have lost a couple of KGs now hmmmm ....

lots of kisses and hugs Stacey xXx 💋

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