"Girl's just wanna have fun!"

Black Fedora Hat: H&M
Red Poncho: Fashion4Less

Hmm, so any of you already feeling stressed out and drained from so much work you've put into this year?
Thinking about just letting go or have a day to your self to shop around and just have fun?
Thinking of just going behind your desk and have a Miley Cyrus moment ?
Its time to let yourself let go!
Its time to take a break from everything and use some of that well earned money on you! (well just a fraction because if your currently saving up for uni or a new car then I advise you continue doing that and not blow the whole savings money right now, trust me you'll regret it!)
Girls have you ever listened to that song by Cyndi Lauper...Girls just wanna have FUN !
If not stop right this moment and go and listen to it!
Yes this song is actually speaking to you!
Its saying lets go shopping, lets go dancing, lets go to the beach and sun bathe until we get that golden tan we always wanted, its saying lets not care about the world for a day and just have fun!
Shopping is always a good treat for you and right now is a good time to go. All these shops you pass by everyday are having sales. These sales include top notch designer stores as well as high street stores so you know that lovely pair of winter boots you've always wanted for months is now standing right in front of you. They calling you to buy them they've been waiting for the right time for you to try them on and straight away take them home! (hmmm im not making sense here or am I?)

 yerp its time to upgrade your shoes !
Red Platform Heels: Oxygen Red
Pink bow wellies: Primark
Black ankle boots: BHS
Black Knee high Boots: BHS
it doesnt matter where you puchase your shoes even if it isn't the shops other people have heard of a pair of shoes from anywhere are all okay as long as your feet are protected from the floor/ground.


 Don't forget to keep warm! If its currently the middle of winter but you still want to go out and have fun, PLEASE, please, please keep warm. Make sure you do the GLOVES SCARVES HAT checklist before you leave your house so that no one forgets anything! You don't want to head back to class or work with a runny nose or blocked nose do you?

 Lovely day to record! If you are a Youtuber but haven't posted in a while this free day is your chance. YouTube is a wonderful place to share to the world your style, your thoughts on different things such a that movie...wait what was it called....oh just joking I remember '12 Years Of Slavery' (a Must watch movie for 2014) and more. So if your thinking about starting one then why not go ahead and don't worry if your first video isnt as good as you planned it to be or how other well known YouTubers ones are your one will soon reach that stage.
Beginners Youtuber Tips.
 Make sure you have a camera that can record videos (as a first time Youtuber you don't need to invest in a £1000/$1000 camera).
To get the best lighting but instead of buying the actual studio lights equipment, use natural lighting aka the sun! The best time to film will be during the day at least 4-6 hours before the sun goes down because then it will be all dark! 
Film in a quiet area so you can clearly hear yourself speak and the camera can pick up your voice only and not other background noises.
Make sure you have a device to upload you videos on. If you film using a phone then normally it will have the option to upload to YouTube straight away but generally if you want to edit and play around with the video make sure you have a laptop/computer. Movie maker is always the best beginners editing station but if you have a Mac well even better iMovie is right there for you to use.
Be may find that you only receive one subscriber a month, just keep posting videos and stay calm but most importantly be yourself no need to change into someone different in order to gain subscribers or views just relax and let the world see who you are!

Royal Blue Blazer: PRIMARK

Tehehehe want to make someone laugh..well just be random everyone !!!
Make silly faces, dress up in really random clothes and take pictures!
Start singing the alphabet backwards.
Make a tune from the ticking of your watch !!!
Enjoy being you because they may not be another day or that next class dismissed day will be 10 years later ! (too long)

O.o please visit my Youtube channel and watch my latest video and please subscribe would mean the world to me if you take a moment and subscribe !
 (search Stacey Potts on YouTube)

Have a lovely and blessed day everyone. 
Lots of Kisses and Hugs Stacey xXx

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