'I am proud to be an African'.

~ Brenda Fassie ~

(Hey Guys so it's the end of the month and I haven't quite kept to this 'artist of the month' schedule so I decided it's time I stop being lazy and just do it ! besides it only just for one day a month so hey!)


Brenda Fassie is personally one of my favourite close to heart South African singers. I have been listening to her music ever since I was a little girl for example in my mom's car on the way to school and have just loved her voice so much. 
Brenda Fassie however is not with us any more but I know her music will still live on. I have picked her for this month because I want to tell you how amazing she is and even if you don't quite understand what she is singing in her music, you will still understand it by the way she puts soul into her voice and singing with all her heart !
So here is a bit of information about her first of all.

BIRTH DATE: 3 NOVEMBER 1964 - 9 MAY 2004
Genre: Afropop


I enjoy African Music especially South African Music as it's close to my heart and I can sorta understand what they are talking about in their songs well even if I don't first time I have my mom as my translator. Tehehe plus I am usually always in a room where these songs or South African music mostly weddings or my house !


So in this song I shall give you a little brief explanation of what she is singing about in her song...but you can probably tell the rest from the video which I have gladly put on here for you to take a look and listen.
Here she is telling her neighbour make way make room don't block the road my son is getting married. So this song is quite often played at weddings well lets just say the Zimbabwean weddings I go to as well as South African as she is quite a big hit in Zims. Tehehe it gets all the mothers and aunties off their seats and onto the dance floor at every wedding I go to (let me just tell you their dancing is basically like swaying their hips with their eyes closed and singing the song...okay hope that didn't sound rude or anything but hey I also get involved and join them!)
P.S had to ask my mom I am still learning the language ...


This song again I shall give you a brief explanation of what it is about with moms help lawl.
This song does seem so powerful but on the other side emotional.
What I like about it is that even though I don't quite know the full words I still feel what she is saying through how she sings it and also the video too.So for all those you want to hear this being sung then hit the play button.

It doesn't matter- Nomakhanjani
You are my darling
No matter what, I'll always love you. 
Tehehehe a bit like Whitney Houston sang 'I Will Always Love You'.


This song is more or less in English so I guess you can understand it !!!!
Tehehe some how this song seems quite re-played for me but in a good way guys in a good way. I'm quite loving the vibe to this song.Makes me want to play it whilst I'm driving on a long stretched road or on a road trip, probably when the sun is just about setting and I still got my shades on and the roof down oh and wind blowing while I got that Beyonce hair movement going on. It's just one of those car journey songs. Well for me it is...
Tehehe so please hit the play button and give it a listen.

Hope you enjoyed the 3 songs I picked and if you do want to find out more please do feel free just type in Brenda Fassie in the search box and you shall definitely enjoy who she is and what she did...(singing of course). 

~A random Fact about Brenda Fassie~
In South Africa if you want to get a picture taken with her...this is possible. So if you do plan on visiting South Africa on vacation please do visit her.

Brenda Fassie Bronze sculpture outside Bassline, Johannesburg
Installed March 2006 by Angus Taylor

Don't be afraid guys to take a picture with her !!!
Tehehehe and here's a few pictures of her!

Have a wonderful and blessed day/evening everyone!
Lots of kisses and hugs 
xXx Stacey xXx

P.S I shall be doing more Artist's Of the Month blog posts. 

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