It's beginning to look a lot like SPRING !!!!

Life stands before me like an eternal spring with new and brilliant clothes.
~Carl Friedrich Gauss~

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening all. Hope everyone has had a wonderful and blessed week. Yes everyone it is beginning to look a lot like Spring and I am totally excited .It's a time for a new change (even though some of you planned to have a new change at the beginning of the year) or just a few adjustments to your current lifestyle.

Well I hope 'Spring Cleaning Day' is on your calender somewhere between now and the end of March because I am pretty sure there's some old items in your closet or room that just need to be brought back to life or say goodbye to. (Note: if chucking away some old clothes my suggestion is to give it to a near by Charity Shop)

Hmmm so in Spring what else do we see? We see flowers blooming, new born animals for example new lambs and even babies. (Are there any Spring babies out there?) 
So this brings me to say no more dull colours, Spring is where colours begin to show and mother nature is just about at her best we need to complement her with colours of joy and happiness. (lawl Stacey is this making sense right now). So I am feeling pastel colours for Spring and some light tone colours just like the colours in this picture down below. (Yes I know....its food.... but the colours are what I was talking about ..pastel colours)
Hmmm these will be so tasty during Easter while having our chocolate eggs!

So for all you readers/shopaholics/no spending type people/colour trend people out there I give you permission to shop for Spring clothing as long as you go and to a good deed and donate some of your old clothing to Charity....
Welcome Spring, Goodbye Winter (for now).

~~~~~~~~~~Outfit of the Day~~~~~~~~~~

(Hmm yes I know these may not be the Spring colours I was talking about but hey it includes floral patterns that's Spring like)
Red Bowler Hat ~ H&M
Accessory Nerd Glasses ~ Primark
Cream Coat ~
Red Scarf ~ just a random clothing shop
Knit BLue/Green Long Sleeve Top ~ 
Floral Black going out Leggings ~ Primark
Green Shoulder/Handbag ~ Fashion4Less
Black boots ~ (well they are my sister's so shhhhh don't tell her I wore them ! But I think they are from BHS or Primark)


(By the way I did my hair by myself as well as my friend's hair :) whoop whoop I can sorta do hair lawl....)

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Hope you all have a blessed and wonderful week!
xXx Lots of kisses and Hugs Stacey xXx

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