it's Sunday, it's Spring and it's Sunny

'Life is a song - sing it. 
Life is a game - play it. 
Life is a challenge - meet it. 
Life is a dream - realize it. 
Life is a sacrifice - offer it.
 Life is love - enjoy it'.
Sai Baba
Hey everyone Happy Sunday!!!

 I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. Well if you live round the South East Part of the UK I am pretty sure you all have woken up to beautiful blue skies and managed to catch a glimpse of the wonderful sunshine which is making it look very promising for Summer!
 Tehehehe so if you read my previous blog post I was talking a bit about Spring and about Spring colours which included an outfit of the day ( lawl they were not really spring colours I had on or were they?).
 Today I decided to do another Outfit Of The Day Blog post which is more like the colours I was talking about. Here you can see I am wearing light shade colours with some show stopping reds (as you can see I adore the Bowler Hat this is to grab the attention (in a good way) and make the outfit stand out even more. I am beginning to like a lot of floral patterns which is quite appropriate for this season, as the flowers are obviously blooming ! Lawl I would have to be careful that I don't blend in with the flowers though.
Tehehe so for now I shall give you a break from my long paragraph and leave you all      with a sample of pictures I took today!
 If you're going to buy and rock them from the shops (so basically newly bought platform heels), I suggest you wear them around the house for a few minutes maybe 10 minutes to get used to them as well as get you foot shape into them. (I guess its known as breaking into your shoes like breaking into you ballet shoes. This is so you feel more comfortable in them when going out. It will also reduce the amount of pain aka blisters (or you know those lines you get when your shoes are too tight because you have out grown them but they are your favourite pair of shoes)so please don't forget and this goes for any new shoes to be honest! 

~Deep Red Platform Hills ~
~ Black and Silver Purse ~ Charity Shop 

 ~ Red Bowler Hat ~
~ Floral Peach Dress ~ 
PRIMARK (long time ago)
~ Baby Pink Suit Jacket ~ Designer 'CLASSICS'

Instagram @zimzygirl
Twitter @zimzygirl
YouTube ~ Stacey Potts

xXx Thank you Warren for taking my pictures xXx
Twitter @original_warren

Hope you all have a wonderful blessed week! 
xXx Lots of kisses and hugs Stacey xXx

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