"Be a leader, not a follower, because no one else knows where they are going"
~ Jude Bhola ~

Happy Zim Independence Day 2014 everyone! I'm so proud to be Zimbabwean, born and bred in Zimbabwe ! I am not afraid to show that I am a Zimbabwean !
What ever your background don't be afraid to show it! You are who you are and you matter in this world!

Let me tell you a little story about a girl I know, she is so dear to me and I will continue to grow with her throughout her life and walk with her on her journey through life. 
She moved to a new country when she was only 8 years old. She was excited at the time because it felt like a new adventure and so much places to explore. However it became hard for her to do that without anyone such as friends. She moved from group to group not fitting in any of them all through her primary school life till half way into high school just a few years away from going into the senior years. She began to accept the fact that she might as well not try and be just like the others but to find who she truly is.
 One thing that really inspired her was at a wedding where there were traditional dancers wearing such wonderful and vibrant clothing getting the crowd on their feet and dancing too. You could really feel the room with happiness and such wonderful spirit !
So she remembered where she came from and began to embrace her culture. Yes, she did face a few stares and talks, some days it would really push her heart down but she kept trying to push forward and not let those stares and talks interfere through her journey of finding who she really was. Slowly but surely she began to make friends and coming out of her little shell and these new friends began to understand her or support her movements. This did help her distract her mind from the negativity coming along her journey because she knew she had friends to back her up and keep her on the right path.
She found ways to show who she was and express her culture, she began to speak great memories of her times back in her country to people who would listen. She began to enjoy her cultural dishes more giving her all the remembrance of her days. She began to even show more people where she was from by dancing and performing, dancing was a way which put a smile on her face and just let herself go. She would give it her all and get the crowd going. These performances gave her a boost of confidence and people talking but not the talks like before....these were positive talks. Talks telling her how amazing she was and how she is a true proud girl. 
 She didn't stop there. She began to express her self in the way she dresses as well, most of the time containing something that reminds her self of where she is from. This now has become such a wonderful thing for her as people come up to her and compliment her which is such a blessing for her as well as her hair! She now has found out who she is and still continues to find out more about herself everyday learning something new. She has great support from all her family and friends. She may have her off days but most of the days she is always thinking positively and finding ways to reach out to those who are at the beginning of their journey to finding who they are.
 This girl will always remember her roots and always keep a smile that she had back in her days. A little wise man told her "why fit in when you were born to stand out". Time will go you will loose friends but also gain new friends. She is ready for anything her way and has gained a lot of experience in her life for the world ahead. The world ahead is becoming hard to fit in and hard to stand out. So ladies and gentlemen now is your time to do the same! Don't let all the negative stuff let you down or push you down, you want to become a dreamer, dream of things outside the box, things you want to achieve, things that you will treasure with you always.

Hope this helps everyone! Especially any of my fellow Zimbos who are afriad to show where they are from.
I love you all!

For those fashionistas out there that are heading out for a African Party or just want to express their african background here are a few outfits I came up with !
Hope it helps !

P.S im working on a zim tag video hopefully it will be up soon (not today though) so keep posted on my channel and if you are new to my channel please do subscribe. Thank you my lovelies xXx


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