Hello my lovelies.
As you know I love dressing up for Church and I thought why not do a little blog post of today’s outfit. In fact this week’s challenge for me is to post an outfit of the day each day of this week with some writing of course, I can’t be lazy, can I? … And just post pictures only. So yes hopefully the weather continues to stay this beautiful with the gorgeous sun shining on sunny London. Haaha it’s a good time to catch a tan right especially since its Sunday which is a day to relax. Anywho anyhow let the outfit challenge begin.


Yes you've probably seen this red dress a few times. But hey its sucha beautiful red! Quite a stand out colour. Besides it’s just the right length and to show off those fabulous legs you've been working out during winter right ladies ;).

So with this red dress I decided to pair it with my (yet again another favourite item of mine... the) Red Bowler hat. This complements the red dress because of the black ribbon around the bowler hat as well as the black bow on the red dress. Hehehehe so at least I’m not exactly being a rainbow today (as I usually am). O.o and I decided to rock the natural hair today well I needed the bowler hat to hide the messy state my hair was in. So ladies (and gentlemen too) if ever you have a messy or bad hair day style it out with one of your favourite hats…just make sure its suitable for the occasion you’ll be going to!!

Now if you read my blog post before (please do if you haven’t) I spoke about embracing and loving your background who you are and where you are from. As I said my love for Africa is sooo great 

I just need to show everyone how much I love it by expressing myself in the way I dress. So I paired this outfit with a few bead work patches here and there. For example the neck lace. This necklace really makes the outfit stand out. It also attracts quite a lot of people to the neck area and ermm yes quite a few people to come up to me and ask where exactly I got this lovely bead work necklace from. The colours are of course red to match with the dress white black blue yellow and green. Matches the South African flag as well as the Zimbabwean flag.

The bead work doesn't stop there I also added my yellow bracelet to add a little jazz to my hands as well as by my legs well just on one leg/foot bracelet.

My sandals of course needed to be brought out, winter is over now so time for summer shoes. Instead of pairing it with my red heels this time I just went with these leopard print flat shoes to add a bit of pattern work to the outfit besides red goes with the colour of these sandals don't you think? Oh don't forget to paint your toe nails (mines red but I guess you didn't need to know that....)

Look out for a video at the end of the week of my full week OOTD Lookbook (I’ll have to think of a more interesting name, one that isn’t that long too)
Also if you haven’t already please subscribe to my YouTube channel, I have a few interesting videos coming up on there as well as doing some vlogs which will be different to my average beauty/fashion videos I normally do !!!
Anywho anyhow I’ll go now... I was told I blabber on too much !!!


xXx Lots of kisses and hugs Stacey xXx

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