Hey my lovelies,
Veryyy verry sorry for not posting anything yesterday ! Yes I have totally failed the challenge !!! But hey I mean I'm still blogging today's outfit of the day ! I've just been busy busy but after today's date I'm all relieved and free ! Had a little presenting Job today/ assessment, so had to prepare myself for it last night. It went all well today, did my dance too sooo I can't wait to show you guys how it all came out !
Yes and I'm quite happy today being my mom's birthday and all, and also I brought home a little friend with me, (oh I keep saying little).  Canon XM2 which means I'm going to be working on a few projects this half term !!! Whoop whoop !!!
Got a busy half term so ill be sure to create a few videos on my channel to show you guys what I've been doing. So without any further ado here's my outfit(s).


Yes so for our Live TV Programme called #HOTMESS (hashtag hotmess) we had to make sure we had some live presenter to host the show. I mean what's a live TV programme without its presenters !!! So guess who was one of the live presenter...?? Mwaa ! Anywho anyhow back to the outfit !

I usually wear similar outfits to this when I have to present and usually I go for the black and white look which is what I am wearing!
Well initially I was aiming to go for the urban look or sorta like Janelle Monae look so like a bow tie and red lipstick and quiff...something around those lines to create a bit of edge.

Of course I couldn't just copy her whole outfit I needed a bit of originality and you know zimzygirl style ! So I added some bead work to the out to give it a bit of colour and culture too !
Lawl I have other reasons as well because most of the beads were part of something else another attire so it made more sense to keep them on.

As for the rest of the accessories, I kept everything matching. So the earring are green (as I said before) and green is such an odd colour for earrings ( #JUSTSAYING). But hey they match with a lot of my outfits and so I shall wear them!

As for shoes well we were only allowed white shoes for the studio we were recording our Live TV Programme in because its white for a start so we don't want any markings on that floor! Luckly for my outfit the white shoes were perfect especially colour wise !

Hahahaha so I wasn't just presenting in the Live show today ! I also participated in the live show with a dance. Mr partner and I did a 4:47 minute dance sequence at the beginning therefore we had to make sure we brought a good vibe and atmosphere to the show. Hey let me tell you know, when I'm on stage that's when I kill it ! (not as in literal killing but you know basically give it my all!)

 So yes had to represent my country Zimbabwe with the flag in my dance ! Don't worry as said before you will have a chance to see it all, so please please keep posted on my YouTube channel! Lawl in this outfit let me tell you its a lot of beads. Beads everywhere! Especially on my home made dance skirt.(If you ould like a tutroail on how to make one at home and you know do a little dancing with it please do as me/request). Yes its home made but it does the job pretty well if I must say so myself ! Kept my hair in the same style as my presenting outfit with the afro !


 The top and the rest of the beaded items are all from South African and I like the fact that it comes with at least four chains of beads which you can put on either your legs or arms!

"lets see a smile from you Stacey"
 Hope you all have an amazing wonderful and blessed weekend everyone !

xXx Lots of kisses and hugs Stacey xXx



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