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Here is today's outfit of the day, you see I didn't forget today ! I'm am going to try and complete this challenge. Plus it is a good benefit to those who enjoy reading my blog and always wonder when I'm gone for months when will I next post something.
Loved the weather today, although it did make some of us pretty lazy in class and erm for some of us fall asleep. Guess I'm not covering with the blankets today.
One thing I must remember for tomorrow is Sun Cream. Yes and also you readers out there. Remember to carry it is much needed. Who wants to wake up and find the skin peeling from yesterdays sun burns? Not me and most probably not you either. 

Water is another thing you should have with you winter and summer. Our bodies need to be hydrated and in summer our body tends to cool its self down by sweating so we need to refill us with water.

Now one more thing is deodorant/spray. No one wants to smell especially if you are going to be around people the whole day and raising you hand up in class or trying to hug someone. You can get little pocket size antiperspirants from your local stores like Tesco's Sainsburys, Asda and for the US stores like Walmart should have cheap offers but if you feeling to spoil yourself the Victoria's Secret selection is a deffo or visit your nearest Perfume store for the latest brands perfumes.


It was really sunny today, the weather much reminded me of my days in Africa especially summer time in the garden and just hanging around with my friends.... So it did take me a while to think what to wear, although I did have the blue skirt in mind I was not particularly sure what top I would pair this skirt with. Trust me it was hard ! I had to bare in mind I was going to college so nothing too inappropriate, plus the weather and yes I do get a bit paranoid if I wear something millions of times where I'm around places like school! (honestly I shouldn't really care at all, but I mean I still find a way to put together different outfits to college)

Anywho anyhow away with the outfit !

So yes this is the blue skirt I was talking about. I have had it ever since I was like 10 O.o. 

This is a plain black crop top very much basic so you can pick it from stores like Primark and H&M anywhere really or if you fancy patterns then check out online for a whole selection such as BOOHOO.COM. 

So I was contemplating as to whether I should add anything more to the outfit and yet again i chose the wonderful beaded necklace. Along with it I added a little extra extra, to decorate the skirt the beaded skirt necklace (I have no idea what to call it ...I needa do some research) Which is what made my outfit sooo colourful.

For the shoes, I just wore my little white ankle plimsolls (similar to converses) with socks of course (but maybe that wasn't needed) 

As for accessories I had the same as yesterday the brown thick hoop earrings and yellow beaded bracelet.

So I know I did write a lot in the intro but as for the rest I tried to make it short. If you do want more please feel free to say!
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By the way credit to my hommie Fran for the pictures and recording for me today!
Please check her out instagram @SOFRANDOM4 

Have a wonderful day

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