Heyy there my lovelies,

Today was actually a really tiring day....Well for me mostly but im sure you all had a wonderful day righty? 
I was contemplating with my self as to whether I should do a blog post today well I had the pictures and all I was just lazy to write something to go with them.
Today's weather was alrighty, at times it did look like it wanted to rain as the clouds were gathering up but to my surprise it didn't rain!! Did you know that heat is kept in the earths atmosphere when there are clouds well this is when the sun is shinnning in too.     The clouds basically act as a blanket so no heat is able to escape into space. Anywho anyhow I guess that's my rambling for today! 
Oh hopefully ill be able to provide you guys a few videos soon, just in editing stages so look out !!!
Don't forget to be prepared for the heat with your Water, Sun cream and Relaxation game on !!!

Yet again do I need to say more...nope I styles this days outfit with the beaded necklace. It is one of the most colourful items I have so why not wear it you know to show your true colours ;).

The glasses as seen before (again) are from the lovely Convent Garden Market. You never know what you'll pick up from these type of places especially Camden (which is a place I would like to go to).

Maxi Dress is from my local town shop. PRIMARK although you can get other designs such as more body fitted maxi dresses or if you are not exactly into the colour, say its plain you can always get one with patterns but the neck bracelet would have to come off. You wouldn't want to be full with patterns.
The grey cardigan is just for comfort and just in case it got chilly because the weather was really confusing today. #JUSTSAYING...

The shoes are the normal leopard print shoes as seen on my Sunday outfit ! Although here is a close up of them from Sunday is you missed my blog posts on Sunday. O.o and the earrings too are leopard print so it is not entirely random with the patterns I wore today.

Once again thank you to Fran for doing the recording and picture taking !!!! Please do check her out and follow her on twitter and instagram @SOFRANDOM4. Thank you !!

I would love to hear from some of my readers and what they think.
If you have any suggestions please do feel free to contact me/follow me
YouTube |  zimzygirl Stacey

xXx Lots of kisses and Hugs Stacey xXx

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