Heyyyy my lovelies,
So today was meant to be my day off from college but I had to go in to do a few things. Normally I would wake up later in the day and probably just put on something comfortable for the house because there is no one to be impressing in my house. Okay okay sometimes I do dress up but normally its just my day to relax and hopefully de-stress.
As well as relaxing Wednesdays is normally a day when I don't put make up on, so my face can have a breather and not feel trapped all week with make-up. So I did a mini challenge today, which was to go into college without it and so I did. and to be honest I didn't even mind :)!
O.o As well as doing these challenges I've been in a really creative mind set lately so I have a few things planned for videos and blog posts too so as I say check out and keep posted!


Today was a sorta blue and white colour choice with some hints of green and brown.

So yes these leggings I had totally forgotten about them until today when I thought hey it sorta looks like it wants to rain/get a bit windy so no to dresses or skirts. 
There are the cheapest things you could ever find so I'm pretty sure shops like H&M, Primark, any £5 and under shop would have them.

The top is like a square design top it has sorta loose material by the arms but it sorta add a bit more to the top than just plain Jane. Its really summer I must say and I picked it up from H&M for £8.00.

Shoes are white from Primark but I mean you can still pair this with a pair of designer trainers if you wanted to a similar shoes to these which I'm guessing a lot of people have are vans or converses.

As for the head scarf I decided again since it was my lazy day to put it on well to hide my hair to be honest. Thank you to whoever invented scarves because sheshhh I need to deffo hide my hair when its looking haywire!!!

The bag was just to put my little bits and bobs inside. Love this bag soooo much although its so small so I can't exactly pack my whole room inside :( like my other bags. This bag can be found online or similar versions such as ASOS but on the market vintage side !!!!

And my earrings well they green just to match the little green box on the top. (I must say green is such an odd colour for earrings... yes yes I know I still wear them).

Please Please Please do tell people about my blog and get them reading too! I love all my readers and if you are a blogger too please send me your links I would love to read your blogs to or follow you on instagram. 
 Random times (#nomakeupselfie)X8 and a half................

Oh and the Ice Cream I was eating is from Tescos "Senga Strawberry & Clotted Cream"

xXx Lots of kisses and Hugs Stacey xXx

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