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Hey me lovelies
So I just thought of a way to keep posting new stuff on my blog which would stop it from growing cobwebs and all! Finding that my Outfits of the day challenge was quite a popular read I thought why not continue it but this time just a little more relaxed and not everyday outfits, just ones I think deserve to be blogged!

Saturdays outfit
Rural Pungwe Day 1

You will have seen this outfit quite similar to the one on my African Girl Lookbook on my YouTube channel, if not please check it outta!
I went for a little classy look with this popular Fedora hat from H&M which was around £13.00
Made from black felt I thought it would match with the rest of the colours in my outfit since black pretty much goes with anything!

The trousers and top is pretty much the same material, purple tie dye made in Ghana! You can pretty much make this outfit yourself, a very easy design if you want to know how please do request via my twitter @zimzygirl and I will gladly do a post or video!

The yellow Blazer is most probably my favourite blazer and forgive me if you see this quite a lot. I do have more but this is obviously one of my favourites which I did say. I felt these two colours matched and because they are both the subtler shades of the colours they went well together! 

Of course this outfit would look so much better with a belt which would make it look more or less like a ....... but it still looks good I guess!

And the little wellies are from Primark. Great for rainy days when you want to still look cute!

ermmm selfie time

Sunday Outfit
Rural Pungwe Day 2
Morning Outfit
African Zulu Girl. Everything here is from the one and only place South Africa. All these items range from £5-£25.
You've seen bits and pieces of this outfit in nearly all my recent outfits but this is the full outfit put together with everything. Normally the girls wear the head accessory and the married women wear the hat so I thought of keep it traditional and go for the un married girl look. Not only do I have this outfit in this colour (well its quite colourful actually) but I also have it in purple and white so I do have a lot of mixing and matching!
If you would like to find out further about these outfits or you would like to order please to contact me via twitter.

Zim Flag

Outfit number 2
This is obviously one outfit you have probably seen before and yes the one from my video!
I had to wear this outfit.
The dress is from Zambia and the detail it so wonderful. For those who know you will be amazed! The yellow buttons are actually made from Coca Cola bottle lids. Who would of ever knew hey? This is actually very interesting and I am actually willing to show people how to do this very soon so again keep posted !
Oh and being Stacey, she couldn't leave all her heels at home and so she brought a pair with her. Yes I wore my red heels with this outfit in the countryside on the grass...(note: make sure they are cheap heels that you wouldn't mind getting mud all over them)

Monday Outfit
Well it didn't go as planned as in I did forget the head piece for this green piece African attire so improvisation took its place. Yes you are probably going to laugh but hey lets just say it blended in and I promise to never forget anything this time! 
So if you check out again on my African Girl Lookbook you would see this outfit in full, however giving that the head piece was not there I work the skirt as a headpiece ! This look did work out in the end and I was in a rush to leave as we had a reservation for the pub/ lunch so at this point anything would go! I went a bit more casual even if it isn't the full outfit I am more than happy to share this one with you!
This attire was tailored and made for my aunty but erm yes it was calling my name so who happened to take it for themselves mwa! Shoes well I'm not going to like they are hers as well. The jeans are from H&M which dressed the look down!

Stay blessed lovelies
P.S Sorry about these weird selfies 
xXx Lots of kisses and hugs Stacey xXx

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