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How are you all ? Hope everyone is doing alrighty! Keeping warm or hydrated I hope!
So I have been pretty busy this whole entire month and did some amazing stuff (I can't wait to show you on video ....just need to do the boring bit which is editing -_-) which I am happy to share with you ! This is my official first episode of #ZIMZYGIRLDIARIES and I hope to share with you the great experience I had during the weekend as my first episode! Just before I begin if you are not aware please look back at my update post where I did a little explaining of what is going on and what you guys should keep an eye on !!! 


What is Rural Pungwe ???
Rural Pungwe means All night Long/Till day break !
So Rural Pungwe is an annual themed party, where everyone comes together! All the Zimbos, young and old, come together and party hard with each other! However that's not it, each year we are greeted with such amazing people from around the world and we all come together as one big family seeing such an amazing diversity of people. It takes place in the lovely countryside which mean the music can play full blast with no neighbours to complain about it and it means the party can go on for three days without stopping. So one question any of you readers able to do that...party hard for three days, non stop? If I can do it most probably so can you...okay lets just say I did have some sleep, so most likely you would be if you took a few winks in-between ! Where were we ...?? Ah yes, for all you city people its a chance to escape from you busy working life, catching the tubes or trains or buses, you know all that busy busy transport that sometimes comes late when your on your way to work or school! You can escape to a place where reality actually slows down for a bit and things like the colours around you changes to more of a green colour like the trees and grass and maybe a few horses and sheep start to pop out into you scenery...not forgetting the smell but ermmm I don't think ill describe it. So get your party hats on guys and make sure you come dressed to impress!


So for anyone wanting to throw a 3 day party or similar here's a few tips from me to you !
TIP 1 ! Make sure you set up an Event Group Page with the dates showing where everyone can see what's going on. This way you can see the number of people coming and update everyone during the course of the time before the Party ! Just make sure it has the name of the event, just make sure its an interesting name one that will catch peoples eyes and draw them into the event. Another thing is make sure its one that you will keep if you want it to be an annual thing!
Tip 2 ! Come up with a theme you can have a colour theme if you want or you can go all out and choose themes from Movies to different cultures. This means people are more likely to make an effort and come to see what everyone has in store! Plus its actually fun for those who love shopping!
Tip 3! Make sure the venue is chosen, again put this all on the event page so everyone can see and make sure it is big enough to fit the expected amount of guests also if you want to play loud music through the night just make sure you picked an area where neighbours won't complain.
Tip 4! Hotels ? People may want rest, so again if you are the host just put a few places where people can rest for example near by hotels and how to get there to the venue and back a map would be useful to them on your Event Page!
Tip 5! Prepare ! Food, the venue and just the extra bits and bobs! Make sure if your planning it in your house your house if people party proof so if you have expensive collections in your lounge lock them away or lock the room!
Tip 6
Enjoy yourself you will so much memories to share with everyone after the party and even on the Event Page people will be able to add on pictures and you can all have a laugh say if you took a picture of your uncle sleeping on the kiddies trampoline or something!

Day 1
Early morning wake up call ! Had to make our way to the train station and head to the countryside! Train journey wasn't so bad I felt pretty proud of myself haha travelling a far distance with just a small group of teens. Upon arrival we managed to join with another squad from the other side of the country hahaha so it was all good we were all together! So once we got there and greeted the hosts of course it was time to set up and get ready for the days ahead.However day 1 was not looking that great at all....especially since I wanted to do some filming (trust me I was so excited to do some filming until then!)  The rain started to kick in and not only that it would stop for 5 minutes making me think ah its all done now but two seconds later whoooooo its pours again! Luckily for the amazing hosts they gave us a little spirit to just be happy and continue partying on and not get the rain into our mind and so the party continued!

Day 2
Sunday ! The party is still on ! Weather = Amazing
SO Sunday was a wonderful day so much happened. I shall just briefly explain.
Everyone today defiantly dressed to impress today! Such amazing different African prints were out and designs everyone deserved to be crowned Miss/Mrs/Mr African Queen/King! Some people even had two outfits to show which was a bonus and one of them was mwa of course. You know how i do people, Stacey loves fashion and clothes and the whole shaabang so I of course had to pack another outfit for the day!
Sunday included a number of activities such as Pungwe's Got Talent, where we had of course our 4 lovely and may I say Enthusiastic bunch....(to any of the judges who reads this you know what I mean), the audience and of course the participants young to old were welcome on stage. We had wonderful songs being sung out to us, little dances by very talented young girls(I must say dancing was quite popular in the auditions this year) and random outburst on the stage by the audiences 'security' . Ahahaha I guess the P-Factor is a great place to show your talents and who knows maybe even a little practise for the real live shows. We also had a live band come to play for us with their instruments. So it was nice to see a contrast in music which makes the Rural Pungwe such an amazing place to go to; there is always something for everyone !!!! What can I say was next ....well you know ....Endless dancing and partying and food through out the rest of the day and night !!!

Day 3
I can tell you now I was not really prepared for day 3. From the way I dressed (which is featured in the Rural Pungwe outfits post) to carrying the filming equipment to film! It was such a mad rush and people were leaving to the pub in just split seconds. I on the other hand was of course for a whole hour doing my make up or some sort of thing which should really take 10 minutes. Luckily I managed to bet all odds though when it came to shower time I woke up at the crack of dawn but as to how I rushed at the end I have no idea and those who jumped in the shower after managed to get to the pub before me....guess I was the hare this time is the Rabbit and the Hare story.
At the pub which has become part of the Rural Pungwe tradition, everyone looked so happy and the fact that it didn't rain was a plus! Children and adults had their own areas so it was good that the children could mingle with each other and parents friends and family could do the same with each other! Food came within minutes and my oh my was there a lot to feed the whole nation!!! Thank goodness there was a lot of options so for fussy eaters (I'll just state here I AM NOT ONE so you know any of ya'll willing to take mwaa on a date I don't mind which restaurant so long as its not McDonalds or KFC) For those who enjoy their drinks well the pub was open to all so long as you had ID, we do of course remember there is children there!!
Everything went down well, judging by the amount of pictures taken and all the happy faces (selfies included) until it was time for everyone to jet off! Now I'm not going to lie half of the pack went home leaving others to wait for lifts, this is one problem when you're in the country side. A car is a necessity because buses well they'll be a good 30 minutes walk away from you! 
Thank goodness for 'zimzygirl's little helpers cooperation' (I'm only joking) because it wouldn't be a smart move to jet off with the others home and leave the hosts all to themselves clearing up! So away we went clearing up with some music entertainment (TIP NUMBER 6000 at the end of a party make sure you leave the house how you found it before the party preparations started, so cleaning is needed to be done but of course you shall need a little entertainment, my tip is MUSIC, helps you stay in the beats of things and keep you body moving  so if your on washing up duty at least your feet will be doing something ...grooving to the beat!
Not before long it was time to say our goodbyes and head off home....Until next time (next year)....
That concludes Diary entry/ Episode 1 of ZIMZYGIRL DIARIES


P.S I actually wrote this weeks ago but was sooo lazy to post it !!! video is still in progress) 
Lots of kisses and Hugs zimzygirl xXx

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