"The quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her"
~ Marcelene Cox ~

Hey me loves!!! What's up !!!! So guess what...Summer is finally here ! Well it's a bit cloudy righty now but apparently there's going to be a heat wave soon!!So I did a little shopping, maybe for some you might say its a lot of shopping, but yes shopping for summer. I bought a few things from different shops and wanted to share them with you all !!! I'm so excited to rock these soon and hopefully do a few summer Lookbooks on my channel because wow I am 'slacking' on there !!! Hope each and everyone of ya'll are having a wonderful time and if you're on summer break then make sure you enjoy yourselves to the fullest and those who are working don't forget to have a break from time to time! 
             Tehehe anyways without further ado, here is all the items I purchased listed below !!


So I picked up a few accessories from here and a little summer outfit. I was looking for jeans because I owned non and every one I buy, they seem to tear or the zip keeps falling down which isn't a pretty sight (guess I need to cut down on the Fudge). I tried on a few jeans' jeggings but I really didn't feel them so I tried on Jean material dungarees which I loved so much ! I seriously have been eyeing them for a long time because it reminded me of my child hood.

Yes my childhood memories of wearing dungarees have come back. I realised I just picked these up without looking at the price but of course the size and later when I got home only then did I realise the price of this. But hey this is a lovely outfit great for summer and of course festivals. You can rock this with a plain top underneath to give more detail to the dungarees itself or something with patterns like stripes to jazz it up with colour of course !!!
COST: £12.00

So I really loved this accessory and its quite summery in my opinion. It reminds me of a festival sorta look and of course quite a lot of people have been rocking this flow headband. I was thinking of doing a DIY version but as usual Stacey is very LAZYYY. So the easy way out was just to buy one !!! WARNING: MAY RESULT IN LOSING MONEY IN YOUR SAVINGS ACCOUNT.
COST: £4.00

So here is a few rings I purchased. This in my case was a barginish because in this pack I got more than 1 ring. Even though they are quite small they are quite cute and come in different shapes which gives this pack a variety to chose from say each day. As well as shape, there is gold and silver to choose from or if you want which I would do quite often is wear them all.
COST: £2.50

I also got a 'statement' ring because I needed something that would stand out and since I am getting into rings I wanted to get something big. This ring is quite detailed and has a blue sort of dear drop shape in the middle which gives the ring some colour. I also matches my nail colour too !!  COST: £2.00

 These shades are quite handy in summer to protect the sun, well that's what they are meant to do righty? (okay let's just say reduce the amount of sun rays entering and blinding your eyes). I picked these as they went with the cute floral headband and with the whole festival girl look ! I love the detail on the glasses with the flowers at the top giving these glasses a stand out moment ! (If that made sense...)
COST: £2.00


I just realised I have not Idea ..... what does BHS stand for???
Anywho anyhow, so from the unknown full name store aka BHS I purchased quite a while ago this wonderful gorgeous maxi skirt. I have been meaning to post it on here like ages ago but we all know wagwarn with Stacey !!! There's no need to state it !!!... MOVING ON...
Yes this gorgeous maxi skirt attracted my attention from it gorgeous soft colour. Literally the colour is so so soft !!! (I'M NOT HIGH GUYS...) 
Since I've been away from Maxi dresses I decided to take a similar path with the skirts which I can pair with a cute top. I am looking forward to showing you a cute look in a Lookbook soon !!! Stay tuned.
COST: £26.00


This is the item that made me start a big shopping spree although I know I haven't put this first in the list of items I purchased. I have been thinking about getting a jumpsuit for ages and have tried them on before and loved them but didn't get them. This was on sale in NEW LOOK and instead of someone else getting it I had to purchase it because I know I would not get one in the next two years. What I loved when trying this one on is that it fitted quite well and had floral patterns but most of all is the little 'cleavage' cut out it had. (thats the only thing I could think of saying) It is not that bad but it add a bit more to this playsuit, The back is also cute and hahaha I'm so weird ...i like the tiny button it has at the back at the top.


 I only purchased three items from here as Stacey was on her last round of spending money. I'm quite happy with what I did purchase as one of the items I had been wanting to purchase again.

The three items I purchased !

 These a such wonderful purchases and new purchases which I can add to my growing BARRY M collection. As you can see I have already tried them both. The Nail paint I purchased is similar to a pastel green colour which is what I'm loving this summer. PASTEL COLOURS !!! Without the MATT (which I applied on after) the coat gives a lovely shine which gives your nails quite a classy/elegant look in my eyes and I think I shall wear them without the MATT coat over it next time. However I was just so excited to try the MATT over coat that I just had to do it. I is so amazing on what people actually invent. I shall be using it quite often on many other nail varnish colours especially in the Winter.

 This is what I was previously talking about. I have tried this lip product before and wow is it a beautiful bold red colour. It was one to purchase again because this lip liner stays on for a very long time (even passed my bed time). To protect it even more you can just twist the colour up so it is prtected not only by the cover but the inside of the stick. For those looking for a red lip colour do purchase this Rimmel London lip twist stick.
COST: £3.99

 My final purchase are these Jelly shoes I think that's what they are called. Wow, who would have ever knew I would purchase a pair of shoes from OFFICE. Literally I always walk past the store thinking I can't afford anything there. To be honest there prices are actually decent once you walk in there !!! I always wanted a pair but wasn't sure how they would look on me. I always wanted a white pair so while shopping for them/ looking in 100's of stores including Primark (which only had them in black), I knew the only store to have them stocked would be OFFICE. They had a variety of colours to choose from including white and they offered the ones with heels and the ones with shorted heels which I got in the end. I literally spent 1 hour in there deciding and trying on the ones below and the ones with a longer heel in white. I take a very long time deciding between two items almost every time in shops -_-. I settled for the pink pastel coloured ones in the end because as far as Stacey's closet is concerned she has more than enough white coloured shoes. Besides pastel colour pink shoes were cute and it would be so much more interesting pairing it with clothes. They are perfect for this summer and perfect to give your feet air to breathe!
COST: £20.00

 Hope you have a wonderful and blessed day everyone. 
xXx Lots of kisses and hugs Stacey xXx

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