Autumn Days

"Sometimes a change in season is needed so we can step forward in time"                             ~ zimzygirl ~

Heyyyy my loveliesss !!!
So Autumn is finally here and Winter is only round the corner !!!

So time for a little switch around in the clothes you wear, things you eat, the time you wake up and many more !!!
I see a few people's diets decide to change a little too !!!
I have a few tips and advice to help you have a perfect Autumn season, well to enjoy it mostly !!!
So summer may be over but it doesn't mean you have to get all your summer wear and hide it behind you closet!!! You can still wear them but just with a few more layers or at least a comfortable long sleeved cardigan or jumper or as some say sweater !!! 
If you're a person who loves shorts, you can still wear them but this time adding a layer of tights or as I say stockings !!!
For those who love gardening it's probably a good time to harvest all you summer growths because when winter hits the stage and frost performs, you might never see your crops ever again !
Keep warm with your favourite gloves !!! Recently I've been shopping and spending and bought a cute pair or bunny gloves/mittens which I decide to call muffins all the time!!! They are great for keeping your hands warm and can make you look cute too !!!
Thermal flasks for coffee, hot chocolate and my FAVOURITE .... GREEN TEA!!! 

They are amazing especially on days where you are running late, since it's getting cold we stay indoors longer !!! You can have it on your way to work for example in the train or bus !!! Don't forget flasks keep your drink warm for a while I would say it could be warm for at least three hours. 
Hot water bottles and bed slippers!!! 
Keeping warm can also mean a little sniggle with your loved one, so Junior my rabbit we can cuddle !!!
Have a wonderful season. 

(Love this picture I wonder where it was taken ???)

(So proud of this picture I took of the ClockTower) 

Have a wonderful  day everyone !!!
xXx Lots of kisses and hugs Stacey xXx 

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