Night in Central London

When a door of opportunity opens up don't be afraid to take it, you never know where it may lead you, but hey it's worth a risk !!!
~ zimzygirl 

Heyyyy me lovelies, as you know I've been so very busy, especially since this year I have to put a lot of hard work into my work to get to the next level!!! As well as putting all my efforts into the assignments and work too I've been busy with many different events such as being a Student Ambassodor, giving talks to future students, being invited to celebrate 10 years of YoungRoots charity in Parliament, meeting the Mayor and having the opportunity to go to Holland to represent my college and the UK in Arnhem and Model United Nations. As you can see the list is endless but I am very happy to share with you the wonderful experiences I have had in the next few 'ZIMZYGIRL DIARIES' some by the way have happened many months ago but still I'm very happy to tell you about so hopefully you all can be inspired to try something new out :) xXx 

Yesterday I had the special opportunity to visit Parlament in central London. We were invited to celebrate 10 years of YoungRoots being an established, successful charity supporting young refugees between the age of 3-17 in the UK. It is such a successful establishment that we had an MP speak in the event which to me is very exciting !!! Many young students came to support the event and many who were involved either as a volunteer or young refugee sharing their wonderful experiences they have had with the charity :) !!! 
All their mini experience were so wonderful and inspiring that I had a sense of how they felt and what the charity has to offer. Seeing how life was in countries where education is at its lowest and struggle is at its peak !!!
This charity gives help not only those who are here but also those in less fortunate countries where maybe conflict is causing people to flee.
I would like to say thank you all for sharing this amazing night and educating me on the world I live in !!!

Outdoors in central London was also very exciting for me. I would very much recommend if ever you visit London, spend time during the night time and see the vibrance come out. The city is so  astectically   pleasing that I had to take millions of pictures!!! I felt so much of a tourist or as if I've never seen a London taxi in my life !!! One minute picture here the next, picture there !!! 
Here is a few pictures out of the millions I took. 

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