'Life so far has taught me a lot. I may not be 75 years of age and carry most of the knowledge that they would have, but I can tell you now, that I have learned a lot from the small amount of years I have lived on this world.'

I've learnt it is the way to move through your journey of life.
Every single day there will be a time where you stress out because something is not going as plan.
This is when you should take a pit stop and think to yourself Is this really something to stress about in this world.
I mean look at it, we have a roof over our head, and we have food around us including midnight snack food.
Some people around the world don't really have this. But I know this is something that they don't stress about, they live each day like it was their last finding what ever they can grab hold of that will make them happy.

Yes you've probably heard this about 100000 times, but it is true.Friends, boyfriends and family come and go . But this is the cycle of life.
From what I've learnt and I must admit I do tend to fall in the trap. Men are always going to be around. Yes ladies your friends and auntie next door is correct. 'Don't worry dear, there's plenty fishes in the sea'. Just allow men to grow a little and find out what they need in their life first.As for women as well. And for friend's some of us see their best friends venture away and we are left alone and helpless, but let this not bother you, I feel we can all be independent and explore things on our own.

This is a world I had to Google and find out what exactly it meant when I first got called it. I love it now, when someone complements my personality and says I am optimistic. For those trying to search their brains for the meaning I'll help you out here. Optimistic means being hopeful and confident about the future. For me its being hopeful for everything I do and say. Try it. Become optimistic, yes there may be flaws in everything but we need to understand everyone and everything has a flaw. We can't be perfect. No one is made perfect. But we should just avoid them and jump over the hurdles and be hopeful that we can overcome this flaw. That is a true optimistic person!!!

In this world, might I say, everyone is BEAUTIFUL. Yes, we may be the universe's over populated world, but each and everyone of us has something that makes us different from each other. You can see it from both the outside and the inside.But let me say the inside is better. Our personalities can make us unique from our neighbour.

We all follow a direction and that is forward. We all move forward in life. We can't go back wards and correct our mistakes, so we just have to drive forward and think about the future and as said before become optimistic.I feel our direction in life is to grow and see the things around us and how they effect our lives. Things come and go as said, and we just have to continue our pathway. We all will arrive at the same place. Everyone has a chance to do this, though you may be 57 and thinking I wish I could have chosen the right path instead of the left path,both paths are still leading you somewhere and that is one step forward then before. (Oh, by the way the sun would not be a good place to move forward too,..)

To sum it all up, we should all feel P.R.O.U.D to be who we are no matter what age we are or how many freckles we have on our face. We are all human beings that should think highly of ourselves and just let go of anything that is troubling us. This world to me is like a game. It throws challenges to us. Each time you complete the challenge you get into a higher level. These challenges are always so difficult than the other, but you just have to think to yourself that you're used to this now so just face this new challenge like the one before and think about what the positive outcome is. And even if you fail it, you will still have a life. Some one will and should be there to help you. You're not alone in this challenge, You're not alone in this world.


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