Cloudy Day, Yet Vibrant Pictures

'Sometimes we should take the easy part of life, sometimes this means just to drop everything important and smile but in my case its take pictures'

Heyyy my lovelies,
So, My Camera, Tripod, A little bit of my cousins help along side his Garden and of course MYSELF decided to snap a few pictures.
 So I recently researched that  you can create the perfect pictures when its a cloudy day. I'm sure we all know in order for our pictures or videos  to be at least a decent quality the lighting has to be there and GOOD !!! Now, the sun is of course the best source of lighting. However if you miss the chance or start taking pictures say during midday (where the sun is above you), lighting begins to be harsh. This creates a harsh tone or colours and if your looking for a vibrant look maybe the plain sun is no so much the answer.
 Clouds help to soften the colours and of course make everything seem smooth (not that im not happy with the way I look or anything!!!.) Origianlly I was meant to take the pictures while it was raining but I had a few extra things to do and before I knew it the rain stopped !!! (By the way its a Youtube video which I had to do).
The Garden definatly captured all the vibrant colours and here are a few snaps !!!


 'Even when the clouds are grey go out and take as many pictures as you can. The sun shouldn't be the only thing that keeps you in a good mood. To keep positive we just have to face over the things that just don't suite us. Once we do that it will just go by like nothing ever happened or something that isn't scary anymore !!!'

Flowers are super cute !!!
 Literally a little Rose or Tulip or Daisy, can make me happy on my sad days !!!
Flower Head Band ~ Primark
Gold Flower drop Earrings ~ Forever 21
Jumper ~ Moms Closet most probably BHS
Checked Red Skirt ~ Primark
Tights ~ Primark
Pink and Black Bow Ankle Wellies ~ Primark
Rings ~ Primark
Purple and Black Braids ~ Done by myself
Hope you all have a wonderful blessed day 'Wonderfully Created Human-Beings'
Lots of kisses and Hugs

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