Little White Dress Girl

'Sometimes its okay to be a kid again, growing up shouldn't stop you from watching your all time favourite Disney film or still dribble over your favourite ice-cream topping.

Mina San Konnichiwa !!!
So today, I had such a wonderful day. Explored London and learnt so much Japanese visited a Japanese food restaurant. So basically you could say I was a Tourist in my own home city with my Japanese friends !!!
Today's weather was so beautiful !!! The highest temperature reaching 31 degrees (that's what my Snapchat told me).
Since of course the weather was lovely I decided to wear a white dress to feel a little more cooler than if I wore something black or other dark colours. Also I am really into the monochrome look and love white so that's basically going to be the most worn colours for the next few months. For more information on the outfit just simple scroll down !!!


 So the Dress is From Primark, quite a while ago which my mom bought but it has always just hibernated in my closet until now !!! It's a simple button up dress made with cotton leaving it a breathable material and absorbs the sweat. So therefore this dress is especially for those hot days, so you're not left soaking.
The Bag is also from Primark and the tassels are super kawaii thing about this bag is you have to tie a not by the string so you don't end up dropping anything.

 The Shoes are from Forever 21 which are of course white, and since I did a lot of walking today they were the most comfortable looking shoes I owned that would still look stylish and dress up the outfit a little more.
The Hat too is from Forever 21 which is a beige colour. This is obviously breaking away from the whole monochrome colour scheme.

 The Earrings are feather earrings from Claries which are recent buys. I am in love with earring with feathers and the whole dream catcher type of look !!!
In terms of other Jewellery I am just wearing rings from Primark to jazz up my fingers... EVERY LITTLE DETAIL COUNTS !!!

Arigatou Brittany for taking such lovely photos !!!
 Look out for my next blog post on what I did in London...
Hope you enjoyed seeing my outfit of the day !!!
Photos are improving more for the fashion side of zimzygirl
Lots of kisses and hugs


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