'Wonderfully Created Human-Beings'


'If you look deeper into my eyes you will find everything I was and everything I am. You will see the true me reflected into your view...'


Hello my lovelies
Hope everyone is doing well.
So recently, I had someone close feel stumble across a hurdle. However, a little courage was all that was needed to motivate and keep him in the positive light.
I sometimes stumble upon hurdles and the biggest one I have to say, is the one where you feel like you're doing nothing right and the world looks down on you.

I personally believe everyone in this world has a purpose in life, some take the serious path, some take the less serious path and some just mix and match paths. See people say there are two types of people in this world ... But they are not seeing that there's more than two types of people in this world... Those people are of course the same 'Wonderfully Created Human-beings' on this earth and they deserve a chance to be living on this land !!! You see right now they are invisible so when they try to come out, people don't understand them or even want to connect with them. People see that they seem to not follow the same structure as them so why bother ayyy ... 
Some of them would take it further and say you have to be this or that, just to use them and take control over them. However, these 'Wonderfully Created Human-beings' are not designed to be like that. They are gifted with the freedom to choose what they would like to do and not to be controlled and told what to do !!! You see these 'Wonderfully Created Human-beings' are a once in a life time chance to develop strong relationships with and in fact are more clever because they see what the rest of the other people don't see... 
Now I'm not here to look down on those who follow the serious path or less serious path, because I believe everyone is equal it's just that we all carry different Gifts and Talents and use them in different ways ... These Gifts and Talents are to keep up busy in this world I guess and at least make use of them, so don't let anyone take your Gifts or Talents away, let YOURSELF be free with it.
However, I can see where some of these serious people and less serious people are coming from, they have had experienced in this world too and want to share with you and I ... The 'Wonderfully Created Human-beings'... They want us to make the best of what Gifts and Talents we have ... However, we need to see that we can take our time with our Gifts and Talents... No need for a rush, truth is ...
 In this world, people still have no idea what in mind they want to do in terms of career wise... But we are pressured into ones where we might not feel comfortable with or doing, we know we can do better than that... These people can be our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, boyfriend's, girlfriends maybe even our pet hamster... Telling us what is out there for us and what will at least get us to somewhere where they picture us to be, I feel that they just don't want you to forget them, so if they start by telling you do go for this particular career or thing and you're successful you can thank them greatly but really in truly they forget you are always thankful everyday that they are and have come across your life !!! You are ready to take you path where ever and make that a success in your own eyes !!! 
 At the end of the day, we want to have done something at our best. So be creative, be mindful but mostly be YOURSELF with your wonderful Gifts and Talents and that is how you would reach success !!!
I can see the world is changing and making way for those who we couldn't see because they were invincible and again those people are..
'The Wonderfully Created Human-beings'
 Step into this world my 'Wonderfully Created Human-beings' and let yourself be free to choose what you want to do in life !!!
No one should be invisible.

If anyone needs any personal words of encouragement or advice please do feel free to contact me. (contact information is on my Contact Information Tab beautiful people !!!). I would love to let you all conquer the hurdle and go on your amazing journey through life !!!


Just be you, be beautiful, and be PROUD of who you are.
Lots of kisses and hugs
P.S ...Sister took the pictures, so Thank You Brittany

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