'I Smile To Capture The Essence Of What Is Known As BEAUTY'

Hello 'Wonderfully Created Human-Beings'.
So today, after being inspired by a blogger (The Tiny Closet)with beautiful natural hair and style,I decided to rock out the Fro and of course head out with the camera to take lovely pictures with the sister.. I didn't quite pick an outfit that would stand out for example bright colours. I decided to try out something that seemed casual and seemed like a transition to Autumn/Fall because as you know Summer time is nearly drawing to a close !!! We took so many pictures but of course I won't bore you with  ALL of them. So here are a few I loved !!!
Walking through my local town Market Street
 I am loving this whole Natural Hair Girl Movement. As I walked through town with my lovely photographer (*wink face*), we saw so many Natural Hair Sisters. That made me love my hair even more because showing confidence with what was given to you defiantly can make you smile and enjoy being YOU.

Picked out a quick healthy snack which was Fruit and of course my Wondeful Voss Bottle which dropped in H&M and the lid decided to brake in half :( :( :( ...
Oh wells life goes on and I'll get a new one of course !!!
Hello Stranger walking across the path way !!!
Top ~ Cousin's
Jeans ~ Forever 21
Leather Boots ~ BHS
Draw String Satchel ~ Primark
Scarf ~ Mom's Collection in her Closet
Earrings ~ Hmmm
Hair ~ Afro
"Each Day I am learning to appreciate who I am and learning that I am unique. I'm learning that even when everyone stares, I should just keep the same at what I'm doing or what I'm like. At the end of the day if it makes me happy, then that is all that matters".

Sometimes you don't have to pull serious faces, sometimes just be random. For me its pretending I'm a Bird !!!

Never be afraid to explore new places. Remember to capture a few pictures to hold on to the memories you will have of the place.
Awww, he wanted a picture with me !!!
Hope you enjoyed looking through these pictures as I did too.
Thank you so much little sister for taking these pictures.
I'm feeling more confident to explore new places and I can't wait to share these wonderful places with you !!!
Hope you all have a wonderful blessed day
Lots of kisses and hugs Stacey

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