“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”  
 ~ Mother Teresa ~  

 Hey my lovelies hope you all are having a wonderful day !!! I have had such a wonderful past week and plus it was my birthday so of course I did get spoilt on my day !!! Thank you Luke and family for making it a wonderful birthday.
 So yesterday I decided to head out and I though hmmm why not take and post pictures of my outfit. I also recently had some thoughts about getting over rocky pasts so I thought why not share my thoughts as well.
By the way Welcome AUTUMN !!! 
Sometimes we have days where our past comes back to haunt us !!! Usually it happens when you've had a period of positive vibes and been hanging around positive people. The past just never wants us to let go of it. You see some people's past is defiantly something that they want to let go and leave behind whereas some people may have had a wonderful past but here's the thing, we can all learn from our past and guide us for our future.

You see, if you've come from a background where things were not so good. This can include not being treated the same, joining a group that is do nothing but wrong or just coming from a background of struggle. You are not alone. However you will always have that one person that will look out for you. Remember you are never alone on your journey. If you think you are, try to break through your fear of talking to someone. If you can't find anyone then there's always ZIMZYGIRL, don't worry I am here to help you all out.

I want you all to feel this world is a big place and that there is something waiting there for you. You just have to have a creative mind. You have to be willing to take risks and explore. There may be times where your mind may differ, but just ignore because you know you're on a journey through positivity and you are stronger than your past.

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Hope you all have a wonderful blessed day everyone.
Stay Positive and Beautiful
Lots of kisses and hugs

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