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'Koketsu ni irazunba koji wo ezu.'
'If you do not enter the tiger’s cave, you will not catch its cub.'

Mina San Konnichiwa !!!

I haven't really done a ZIMZYGIRL DIARIES EPISODE in a while !!!
Most probably because I didn't think anything interesting was happing that I could blog. However I am setting myself a one year goal, to improve my blog and getting blogging almost everyday !!! (This means I will need to prepare interesting things to do with myself...)

Ahhh so let me get straight to business (as they say)

Last week Saturday, I was super excited to meet my Japanese friends who came to explore London for a few days !!!
Literally for the past few months Japan has really come to one of my top points of interest.
I decided to make myself useful on my day off (thank goodness) and of course on such a sunny day to show them around. (I mean I joined in too with being a tourist).
For days I had promised myself to learn at least a couple more sentences in Japanese from what I had already knew but when it came to speaking ...my mind kept going blank...(guess I was just so nervous).
Leicester Square
Normally when I think of Leicester Square or from what I've heard, I think of the word... 'Showbiz'. One of the places for entertainment in terms of The West End Productions.
If you're into musicals of theatre then this is defiantly one of the places in which your next production you would be watching would probably be !!! Also its not too far from Piccadilly Circus !!!
China Town
I had only been to China Town once, so as of directions I switched to my trusty Google maps which of course didn't cooperate...
China Town is situated just 5 minutes walk from Leicester Square Tube Station and is one of the main attractions in Central London. Most Shops are written in Mandarin (but I thought maybe my friends could understand...'eeto'... I was wrong...even though the characters were similar to Japanese Kanji)
From Restaurants to mini collectables stores you can find 'kawaii' things to take home with you...and of course a selfie stick ( !!!
One of my favourites is 'Cuppa Cha' which sells bubble tea. If you are a fan of interesting fruit textures in your drink then I think bubble tea is simply something you should try.
(I was told they do have it in Japan, but is known as something else)
The first place to show them around was China Town !!!
Covent Garden
Next Stop...
This is literally a 5/8 minutes walk from China Town !!!
I do love Covent Garden. Interesting Market Centre with lovely little pick ups from food stalls to clothing stalls.
Just in the centre of Covent Garden (I think you can call it the Square), usually there are street entertainers as well as if you walk towards the station there are usually dotted around. If you are looking for some entertainment in your day shopping or with the kids just head over (with your selfie stick) and take a picture with one of them.
Also if you're familiar with London you will recognise that one of the representatives is of course the Red Telephone box. This is of course well known world wide to be one of the features of British Culture.
Oh and shout out to the Marks and Spenser's store for having water on that hot day and for the complement on my outfit.
Hyde Park
Defiantly one of my places to be during the summer time. Bring your skates, bring your picnic blanket an bring your selfie stick!!! one of the largest parks in central London right next to oxford Street. There is usually events that happen here such as Winter Wonderland in the Winter to Gigs and Summer Festivals.
If you don't mind a little spending then you can always bring a £10 note with you to pay for the peddle boat along the river and maybe ice-cream to regain all those calories you lost while working on those calves.
Another option is a lovely stroll with your dog or maybe with your special one (*wink face*) along the footpath from one side of the park to the other.
Last but not least, an addition to the park- horse riding. Yes, they do horse riding. That sand you see next to the footpath is for the horses to trot on !!!
However, seems as I only had a few hours to show my friends around London we took the walking option and may I just say a big thank you to the random park guy for taking our picture for us !!! (Arigatou !!!)
Oxford Street
Lastish stop...
Ahh the place where most of our pocket money/savings get spent. Those big brand shops waving to you and latest fashion right by the door step screaming 'TRY ME!!! IM ON TREND RIGHT NOW'.
So if you're not familiar with Oxford Street, it is a popular shopping street in London known for its big store names such as Selfridges, Pandora, John Lewis  to Urban Outfitters and Forever 21. It also has stores such as Nike Town and HMV where we ended up going to look for a McBusted Concert DVD and Primark for a few cute pairs of shoes. Shopping is very much self explanatory !!!
You can access Oxford Street by bus or the tube/subway (Oxford Circus or Marble Arch).
YO! SUSHI (Kaiten Zushi)
Itadaki masu !!!

This is the second time I have been to this restaurant. This first time, I remember being so fascinated (while on the bus) as how the food was served. Therefore Stacey being Stacey decided to head over to the restaurant and try out this new way of food being served. Of course the name suggested to me that it was linked to Japan as well as the food !!!

The amazing thing as well is that you can literally sit town on the high chairs with a table of course and see your order being cooked by the chefs. If you do see something you like rolling towards you then you can always pick it out from the conveyer belt and eat it. YO! SUSHI also has one of the best soy sauces that I've ever tasted and you can sprinkle on your food. Just make sure you get a little practise using chop sticks as that is what they have ready on the table. They offer water and sparkling water at the table too (but you have to pay for it which is included in your bill). I wouldn't advice trying the sparkle water unless you're a fan !!! 
 Oh and one last thing is, if you do need assistance there's a button you press (available on each table) and sends out a voice on the speaker. For example 'Hurry Hurry Hurry' or words in Japanese.
So, I just ordered two dishes I had tried before (Chicken Gyoza and Chicken Teriyaki)and a new one (Salmon Firecraker Rice. This restaurant is not expensive and I would say their service is about a 4 out of 5 !!! I have yet to explore more Japanese restaurants and learn new words and meal names!!!
           Goichisou sama desita !!!


 Have a lovely day beautiful people.
Lots of kisses and hugs

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