A few weeks back, we had a whole two weeks of rain fall. Which I am ever so grateful for as many countries are unlikely to even have a day of rainful (ZIMZYGIRL creation word). Despite the gloomy day, ZIMZYGIRL'S partners in crime and of course herself took the opportunity to explore one of London's Contemporary arts Gallery.
~The one behind the camera aka ZIMZYGIRL'S PHOTOGRAPHER~
~Rainy Day~
~Saatchi Gallery~


 Hmmm... So I hardly visit Galleries. Although this was defiantly a change of scene from my normal outdoor adventures. I guess Galleries are more relaxed if you're taking the angle of just strolling around making your Eyes feast on different visions and creativity.
I guess from seeing a Contemporary Arts Gallery, its opened my mind on how everyone is different. It's also shown me, that you don't have to be an artist who creates detail in every painting. Creativity is given to everyone, its just that sometimes we may not know how to approach our Creative Minds.

Lets take a look at the Outfits

~Jackets ON~

/ Jacket ~ Urban Outfitters / Bag Pack ~ Urban Outfitters /

/ Jacket ~ Primark /  Jeggings ~ Cousins Closet / Boots ~ Primark / Bag~ Primark /


~Jackets OFF~


 / Top ~ Forever21 / Trousers ~ Miss Guided / Shoes ~ Urban Outfitter /

 / Ring ~ Forever21 / Watch ~ Pandora / Earrings ~ Forever21 / Necklace ~ Forever21 /



/ Striped Skirt (Top) ~ Forever21 / Shirt ~ Thrift Store / Head Scarf ~ Random Store /

/ Earrings ~ Claires and Primark / Bracelet ~ Pandora /
Here is a Vlog I did also look out for the OOTD Video too !!!

Hope you all have a wonderful blessed day everyone and continue staying tuned on my blog and YouTube Channel. Continue to read, share and Comment/ Subscribe.
Lots of kisses and Hugs

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