'I just opened my eyes to the world in front of me and started to capture what I see'

I finally had the strength to create a channel where adventure come to life and having fun in a world where anything is possible...(okay that's more or less my world).
For those of you who aren't really sure about my YouTube Channel. I have a MAIN Channel which I started a while ago, and just put a lot of random videos (okay mainly fashion videos). I then went into deep thoughts of creating a separate channel for vlogging since it is very popular. So that sat for a while in a pile of thoughts and when I did create mini vlogs they did go onto my main channel. Again I had a sit down with myself and thought once again... "Stacey do you really need a separate channel to make things easier".The answer after a long conversation with myself ended with a "Yes".
So here it is...
My main aims :
All in one
Fashion and Beauty including Hauls and Tags
Discovering new places, vlogging, talking to different people and Inspirational videos
So in tie with my with my blog I hope to make this a huge hobby of mine, and I have been inspired by so many people in the Blogging and YouTubing Life.
 Bloggers: FroGirlGinny / TheTinyCloset /
YouTubers: Jamie and Nikki /  Shu / AmandaDubeHere.
Take a look a see if you get inspired too !!!
Thanks for reading my ZIMZYGIRL DIARIES ENTRY and for all the support you are giving me !!!
Don't forget to subscribe to both channels
Hope you all have a wonderful day
Lots of kisses and hugs

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