'A raindrop can turn into a puddle and grow into a stream which can form a river. That being said a little dream that you have can turn into reality. Step by step is the way to achieve your goal and create a pathway to your dream. Don't hold back into making your dream reality.'



Autumn doesn't have to mean sticking to one colour or one particular style. We all have days where we try a whole different look from what we are normally used too or Better still, what people are normally used to seeing us with. However, for some of us we look in the mirror and think to ourselves, "What will people say?". We then end up changing into something we think people would like to see us wear and head out without even knowing what they really would say.
You see, from time to time we have to take risks, you know that saying that most optimistic people say... 'You never know unless you try' ? Well that is very true. This is all about YOU. Not what others make think of you. You are free to do what makes you feel YOU and if it is rocking your favourite BAND T-SHIRT or rocking THAT BRIGHT PINK T-SHIRT with Barbie in the front then I say GO FOR IT. There is just so much pressure of how we should look in todays world. We may look the same but, my, oh my, are we all very different from each other. We are created with unique genetics that can not be found in any other person...not even your twin.
So again, when you look in front of the mirror before you head out, just think, I am rocking this because I know this is ME and I couldn't have made it look even better.
That being said, I still wear my flower crowns in AUTUMN AND WINTER.




TIP: If you're not too comfortable with just a skirt or it is slightly chilly out there, stocking/tights can always be added to this look. Try and find stocking with some patterns on to add a bit of design to the outfit.

KAWAII: This is a super cute outfit for rocking to school especially with the ear muffs and two micky mouse buns (...if you're allowed your own clothes). If you don't exactly want THE 'ALL BLACK EVERYTHING' look than you can always add a different colour scarf or maybe even a different colour skirt.


Gold Heart Shaped Earrings ~ Forever 21/Bracelet ~ Forever 21/Ear Muffs ~ Tiny Shop/Scarf ~ Local Boutique Store (similar stores Primark or H&M)
Bag ~ Primark/Top ~ River Island/Skirt ~ Local Boutique Store/Shoes ~ Topshop
Hope you all have a wonderful blessed day
Lots of kisses and hugs
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