Autumn Labels & Autumn Rays

'Now Autumn's fire burns slowly along the woods and day by day the dead leaves fall and melt.'
~William Allingham~

Hope all of you are doing well this Season.
So for those who are in the UK, we all know Autumn has come and soon winter will be knocking on our door steps. For some of us, we are all dreading that season but for some, its a season to look forward to.  Just think, that lovely white blanket that will cover our square garden patches (England yards are basically square shaped). Now before I get a little head start on
Winter, 'Autumn' is the topic of today !!!
Autumn is a time to reflect on the summer season that just passed. For most of us, we would have probably travelled abroad for the summer holidays, took so many photos and probably visited the gym over 5 times a week. 
Now as we move into the more shorter days we tend to slow things down, such as visiting the gym and probably finding time to take those bright photos of summer. But actually don't think that because the days are shorter, it means you can't do the things you love to do.
For me personally, I think Autumn brings out the best of me. I tend to explore more places, think more about what makes me happy, and think more about the people I've met so far in the year and helped change their lives.
A change in colours and a change in you. Autumn is also about change. As you reflect on what you've done so far, you have a chance to change. If you've achieved something great and you did something that helped you get to that success, than you can in cooperate that for the next goal set you have. If you think you've done something that maybe you never want to think about again, you can use that as a lesson to be learnt and change for the better because now you know not to do it again. And this is all under the blanket of change.
Always remember, as the season changes, you grow, and when you grow it means you're happy with who you are.
 SO even thought I've been really quiet, and just a few days in this month have got me under the weather, I have so much exciting things that shall be happening this Autumn season, and I am willing to share with you all very soon. There's a few projects that I am currently working on alone, and with people too and many ways to help me grow as a person.
All you need is motivation to get to where you want to be, and I know sometimes the going gets tuff or you may not seem to be making progress. However, everything requires time, you can't get anywhere without facing the hard wall. You have to learn to knock it down, and once its down it becomes easier when the next wall approaches you.
All pictures were taken by me :) :) :)
(except for the first one of me)
Hope you all have a wonderful blessed day
Lots of kisses and hugs

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