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'Have no fear of moving into the unknown. Simply step out fearlessly knowing that I am with you, therefore no harm can befall you; all is very, very well. Do this in complete faith and confidence.'
~Pope John Paul II~
 Hello my wonderful reader.
So sorry I haven't blogged for two days but don't worry I'm here now :) :) :).
So recently I have been planning quite a few things to keep myself busy.Sometimes its good to keep busy so you don't fall off track of what your purpose is on your journey through life. Some of us keep busy by doing extra currilculm acitivites or clubs and some of us keep ourselves busy by just staying in at work for extra hours. I'm now a owner of a daily planner book !!!! Yayyy !!! So now this is where I get to be an organised person !!! But the question is... Will I really stick to being organised or just slightly drop off course after a week...??? Hmmm...


Okay, okay so, kicking into fashion. I have been seeing so much Autumn outfits that's I've been loving. Literally it's so versatile in London because a lot of people have their own style !!! I still see hints of colour too and that's what I love. As I say and shall continue to repeat in saying... Never dull away. Colours are really important and can really be a way for people to understand you. I mean of course sometimes we all like to rock up in that 'All black everything' Look, but really in truly, if everyone did that everyday we would actually have no one to stand out and guide us back to colour !!! Everyone will just want to blend in.
So stay Bright. Stay Bold. Stay Stylish no matter what season it is !!!
Also if you want to see my latest video on YouTube, keep reading until you get to the end of this post...(or just scroll right to the bottom which is more of the obvious thing to do). I am super happy with how it turned out and I would love you readers to defiantly not only view and read what I post but to view my videos too. Personally I feel you can connect with me more and know me more doing this.
Glam and Warm: Since its a bit chilly out there we need to keep warm. This coat stands out as it has a fur piece that wraps onto your shoulders. It defiantly glams out the outfit while stile making what's underneath (the dress) stand out since it is a bold colour. Sometimes minimum colours can still glam up a look.
Love: I really love how this dress is so bold in colour. For those who love the 60's this dress is perfect from River Island. Ladies of all sizes can defiantly rock this dress too as it flares out a little at the bottom.
Tip: For those who maybe feel a little chilly, you can always wear stockings/tights. Black tights are perfect as it matches the colours. However if you really want to try out the 60's fashion. Look for bright colours tights/stocking. Maybe an orange as it fits in well with the season or dare to try green and yellow???
Head scarf ~ Small Boutique/ Earrings ~ Primark/Purse ~ Lady Million Perfume Gift/Dress~ River Island/Shoes ~ Topshop/ Shades ~ H&M.
The Video
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Thank you all once again. 
Lots of kisses and Hugs

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