Autumn Outfit #5 | Grow with me

Grow with me
Open the book
What do you see
A blank page
Turn the page
What do you see now
Another blank page

Push the button
What do you hear
Just a click
Push the button
Now What do you hear
A click
Place your hand on this
How does it feel
Place your hand on this
How does it feel now
I thought as much,
You see little one
You can't just expect something to be as you please
Everything has its own manner.
Some things you can change
For example the Book
You can fill the pages
With your own stories
The button
Well that's the button of a recording machine
You can create your own input
The ice
Well that's cold of course
But you can leave it to melt
The light bulb
You can leave it to cool down
You see what it is
Is this
You have to let these take time
In order for something to change
You need to understand the word patience
Apply it to yourself
You are short now
But in ten years
I bet you'll be 20 cm taller than me
Little Girl
I believe you can grow
Grow along with me
You can follow my path
But don't forget to create your own
For very soon I'll be gone
But very soon there will be someone following your

This is the cycle
The cycle of life
Now grow with me

Top ~~~ FOREVER 21
Skirt ~~ Local Boutique
Bag ~~ Goa (Market)
Necklace ~~ Fancy Dress
Earrings ~~ CLAIRES
Hat ~~ FOREVER 21
Shoes ~~ FOREVER 21
Hope you all have a wonderful blessed day
Lots of kisses and hugs
~ Stacey ~

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