Discovering Corby, Babies, Mini Haul, Autumn Colours and Food

"I hardly have time to experience these moments but when I do, its always good to make the most of it".

 Mina San Konnichiwa
(Hello Everyone),

So last week I decided to take a train ride with my cousin to Corby for three days. The good thing was that,I have family over there and not too far from the train station. Therefore looking for a place to stay, or planning on driving there was removed from the equation which meant some money saved for me. (Yes currently I am thinking of ways to save money and maybe invest in what I have...(find out more  later on in upcoming blog posts).

For those of you who don't know where Corby is...maybe you're not so familiar with Geography like me, then here is a little map of England and Corby. Train Journey from London St Pancras to Corby:  1 hour and 30 minutes. For someone with a very hyper cousin, the journey was exactly the right sort of time to keep him entertained on his tablet before asking "Are we there yet?".

First impressions of Corby were, Its super clean and a breath of fresh air, it is defiantly different from Central London in a sense that life isn't so busy and people didn't seem to be right against your shoulders as you walk. Corby is a family friendly town and lots and lots of Round Abouts !!!
(Round about in action) 
My personal recommendations for Corby.
So as well as spending time with the family, I did go in with a question of 'Would I want to live in Corby?'.
Now thinking into my future, maybe say a 25 year old me and I had a house I would still want to explore and walk around and obviously have a way from getting paid to pay for all of this, aka WORK.

(Autumn days have sunk in)
The place is of course really clean as mentioned before. Roads seem endlessly clear with just small sections of leaves laying on the ground. (Autumn Time mostly).
I would say the best places where I experienced this was in areas where most homes are located in and the good thing about these houses is they all look recently built with a beautiful exterior. Everyone therefore is respectful and contributes to the joys of living in Corby.

In terms of the Shopping Centre, there is one really close of walking distance as the town is really small. There are high street clothing stores such as River Island, Burtons, H&M, TKMax as well as stores like GAME, Clintons and Wilkinson's.
Grocery stores include Tesco and Lidl (#LidlSuprises) and the Tesco has a salon inside (my local one sadly does not). By the way bags are 5p now but don't worry I have a blog post pending about this !!!
Now, shopping means money so the good thing is this shopping centre has more than one bank branch so you don't have to feel the need to change to a different bank just because you would like to move here.
In my opinion the shopping centre/town is just the same as of any shopping centre in your local area.
In terms of work, I felt that the only thing that would be on offer would be, working in retail (shops), being a taxi driver/bus driver (I saw women as well, hospitals or working from home. So it seems to me there are limited however if you are willing to communicate into the bigger towns for example London or Birmingham which are only about 1 hour 30 minutes away than that is the best for you.
Church/Places of Worship
Walking on my way to the town, I did see quite a few churches however these were  Christian based Churches. However usually some nurseries/schools that have halls let you use them as a place to worship.
Health and Leisure and School
Every town should have a hospital or at least a place where you are able to walk in, in case of an emergency. Corby has provided this and the nearest one is called Corby Community Hospital.
There are of course little clinics as well and for parents with young children to visit (as I heard from one of the local residents).
Dance Studio just opposite the town centre and a Swimming Pool.
Of course the parks are included as you can jog in the mornings.

('I can climb to the highest mountain')
As well as being so clean, I feel Corby is a very healthy place to live. In most residential areas there are hardly any cars driving and the most common way of travelling to places is by foot and bike as there is large area space on the pavements for cyclists to ride on. Its a plus if you ride together as a family with what I usually came across by.
The residents were very friendly even when I seemed lost they weren't hesitant to guide me.
Easy signs to read for those who plan to explore.
Safe for everyone including the children. (Security is assured as well as safety, with Near by Police Stations and Fire Stations).
Local farm to visit with the family is just 15 minutes away from the town centre.

 (follow the green grass road)
What Did I do ???
As well as exploring places and finding out what you can do there. I did do a bit of shipping so here is just a few items I spent a little money on. All these Items are defiantly going into my Autumn Closet ready to be put together and for a mini look book soon.

Top with halter style £32.00      Yellow/Light Mustard Dress £46.00





Most of the time, I was of course indoors looking after my little cousins.
My oh my, I'll tell you this ... One of my fears is children. Yes they may be younger but they do scare me. However now that I have experienced a little time with them, I have probably taken a little step back from being scared of them.

It was so lovely to be able to let my family rest and me take over such as making sure everyone was fed to making sure baths were taken.
I hardly have time to experience these moments but when I do, its always good to make the most of it.
 (Tomato Sauce from Zimbabwe)

Hope you enjoyed reading this little blog post.
I shall continue to explore new places and tell you all about the places hoping you too may visit as well or maybe consider living.

Lots of kisses and Hugs



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