Don't Give Up ???


Consider this, you have been working so much trying to achieve your goal or your dream but everytime you do, you hit a big a brick wall. This makes me wonder really. Should I really be trying anymore. I'm not getting anywhere. Maybe I should give up. No one else is responding to what I have to say or do.
Or Sometimes ... 
 I go down the root of saying "I'm really not THAT creative!!!"
Urghhh, So frustrating right ???
I know this has to stop and I want all those who come across this questioning zone to get through it together.
Just don't get mad at your self for not getting to where you want to be by tomorrow morning. Theres still time.
'Maybe I shouldn't continue this blog or YouTube pathway'
people may distant away from what you produce but just don't let them affect you. People come and go.They support you at the beginning and some of them just stop. We are all busy trying to make it. Although some people just chose to not follow up on those they are supporting. What they are losing is your journey that maybe would hsve helped.
Now we all know LAW is Law. We have the do's and the DON'T in life. For example,
 In order to get through a job interview we prepare ourselves and some people try and help us by telling us DON'T Rock up last to you interview. Do make sure you shake their hands firmly the first moment of contact. DON'T ask if you can become manager and run the business straight away.
Those are responable advice but what about our own advice. Some times we need to listen to ourselves because we do know exactly what best for us. I'm not saying don't listen to other peoples advice because once in a while they may know a little more. However, learn to trust yourself.
Give everything you got. I know you're probably reading this and thinking wait, I've already done this and I just don't have the energy anymore as Im not succedding. But I tell you now. Success does take time for most of us. Yes, some people may just happily enter the easy world of not having to do everything. But if you actually check reality, the fair game in here, is, You have to work to get to the top. Just don't give in or give up. In reality that is what they monitor you on !!! But they also monitor how good you are at over coming the situation. (Hold up I hope this made sense???)
Wake UP to who you are. You are certainly not the neighbour next door or the cat on the floor.
You are a 'Wonderfully Created Human-Being' with habits of lingering away to a character that's not really us. (I mean its different when you play dress up).
If you are awake and you're still figuring out, well how am I actually going to grow myself or reach my goal today? Well, here's one thing.:
Plan your day.
Each day, one step at a time, ounce by ounce. This way you will find out clearly what it is that you can do routinely to help you grow in success or reach your goal. As stated previously, things do take time, however once you do reach your goal and dream you can have pure evidence as to how you actually got there. Also the good thing is people won't look at you and question you or say you had it easy. They will be able to see you worked for it and that's when they will respect and learn from you.
You see from even the two letter world 'UP' it can really produce a long paragraph of advice.
SO To sum it up.
I hope you wonderfully readers enjoyed this and took a little something from it. I am open to connecting with you all and I want to help those grow and reach their goal. So as a little treat if you are a blogger yourself or just starting I would love you to share with me your goals and what you enjoy doing. I would also love to feature you too as I have a section on here dedicated to Discovering People.
Lots of kisses and hugs

P.S (I'm currently starring at picture's from this past summer, hence the summer pictures, also to give a bit of colour to this post)

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