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'People seem to judge you in this world even for the smallest detail that you may not even notice. There's only one reason, and that is they admire your flaws and how you manage to walk out without a care in the world. Continue to be who you are and others will follow.'



 Good day everyone. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day/evening. For those who are currently experiencing the days getting colder, remember to keep warm with a Hot Water bottle, some green tea and of course a fluffy blanket. (That's currently me right now as I type). For those who are blessed with beautiful weather at the moment, remember you too have to make sure you are keeping a water bottle at hand and of course some shades to minimise the sun glare in your eyes. Don't forget the sun cream.
As its Autumn I thought I should do a Look Book. I did think about putting the outfits all in one post but that meant it would be so long because I did end up taking so many pictures. So the way to solve this was to break it down outfit by outfit a day. I did enjoy putting these outfits together and of course I would like you to know that you are free to create this look or switch it up a bit. I am back with styling and shall be create a video on these looks for my channel so stay tuned.
Autumn isn't about sticking to just one colour, sometimes brighten up your day with a dash of blue yellow or white!!!
For Look One, I really wanted to put together an outfit that would go with this cardigan. It is quite an old jumper that my mom got when she was really young so I'm not too sure if you would class it as vintage yet.
Everything that I'm wearing shall be listed under the last picture. However only two items that I'm rocking I actually bought, the rest, well I happily claimed from my mom's closet or was given to by my cousin as they needed a new home (mine).
 Tip: To save money, visit your local charity stores for vintage cardigan. Many have similar styles and you can find really interesting ones that most probably have been hand knitted. This gives more of a vintage style and uniqueness. No one else would be able to have the same outfit as you if you prefer to stand out!!!
Stay Warm : Add a brown, yellow or burgundy scarf to this look so colours match and you can still look stylish and warm at the same time.

Heads up: Curvy Girls and Plus Size Girls can still look good in those Levi Jeans. If Jeans are too long at the bottom no need to sew. Just Two folds are perfect and can look stylish with a pair of heels. For a comfortable look on the feet, swap into those comfortable Nike Trainers. Also, just a little tuck into the jeans can neaten the look a lot.

Heads Scarf: BHS/Glasses: H&M/Earrings: Claires/Bag: Rowallan
Top: Dorothy Perkins/Jeans: Levi Jeans/Heels: Local Boutique Store (try Primark)

Hope you like this style and I shall be looking forward to sharing the other looks with you each day. Stay blessed and wonderful. And explore the inner beauty you have.
xXx Lots of kisses and hugs xXx
P.S. I took each an every picture on my own...I guess I have to just get used to having no partner in crime with me.

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