What does the colour BLACK say ?

Black and white are the colors of photography. To me they symbolize the alternatives of hope and despair to which mankind is forever subjected.
~Robert Frank~

Autumn Look 4
Even in the dark shadows, you can still be seen. You can't hide from the eyes of the watchers. So even if you have to do it in style.
Since Halloween is close by, I thought why not chuck in a dark look into the outfits. You see we all have that day where we want to look different but the kind of different that no one would have expected. The kind of different where they would wonder what exactly has gone through our mind to set us to that look.
Okay, okay, so maybe this look isn't so much for me to rock everyday, but I do give praise to all those who can actually rock the 'all back everything' look everyday.
I personally love colour but its good to try something from time to time. Just to surprise people and show them I'm still here.
 This look was mostly designed around this top I recently purchased from River Island. It is a turtle neck top and on top of that its designed where the front is short and the back is long. It has such a lovely shape/design and personally can be put together with almost everything in your wardrobe. (based on the colour)
Black is not a colour which should be over looked. It can define a person. It can tell a story. It can resemble the darkness though the day that can't be seen.
 For more of a biker look: Switch up the rain coat to a black leather jacket and a bandana. I only went as far as having my spike bracelet from Forever 21.
Hands Up: Black clothing is typically one of the most found colours in someone's wardrobe. From the Little Black Dress to the black shoes. Why? Because black goes with all the colours. Black is a colour which people can run to on a lazy day. Black is also a colour that can create an illusion that you are smaller than you actually are.
Tip for when taking pictures: Always SMILE...Clearly I'm demonstrating a perfect smile...
Everything belongs to me except for the raincoat which is actually my moms. I'm in love with over sized clothes, because I just think they are so much more comfortable especially the oversized jumpers and cardigans.
Top~River Island/
Braclet~Forever 21

Hope you did like this outfit
Have a good day.
Please do check out my YouTube Video on all of my Autumn/Fall outfits.
 Click Play
Lots of kisses and Hugs

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