3 Day Positivety Journey

'You may be the only tree in the field, but that doesn't stop you from letting your roots grow and take opportunities that lie open within this earth'

A while back, I decided togo on a 3 Day Postive MindSet Journey. (I actually couldn't think of what to call it actually but hopefully you'll get the whole idea once I tell you).
So first things first,I really wanted to get off line for a while, explore nature, and really just focus on me. I had finally graduated from my course with such high grades and received an Outstanding Award. So I did have time to plan out this in the free week I had.

 Since doing this I shall continue to have these days once in a while just to venture off a while. In today's world there is just so many things happening especially on the Media. Some things create fear for us which could lead us to disliking our surroundings. But lets not think about that too much and focus on the steps to positive minds and thinking.
Here is a little insight to my journey.

First Day
So, this day was dedicated to discovering what the world has to offer. I meditated the night before and planned to be one with mother nature. I also told myself why feel afraid of a storm when at the end of the storm they'll always be something good awaiting such as a rainbow. This was the first signs of thinking positive. In life, we faced with many challenges and some challenges are just so overwhelming for our beautiful souls however challenges are really something that we should just see as once completing we walk out the tunnel into light and happiness.
Waking up, I began my day with a healthy start. As seen in the picture below. I decided of course to have a silver platta just to make it seem like I'm spoiling myself.
I did my little morning preps.
So this included steam cleansing my face. And for those who want to know how exactly I shall do a mini blog post shortly on it. Hopefully you can understand the procedure clearly in the video I posted.
Morning stretches of course included, because obviously, you've been sleeping for hours in one location so you need some movement such as stretching.
And a morning walk to the park with my camera and Nature in my view.
I started a book (a bit of a cheesey book) 'In Her Boss's Bed' - Maggie Cox, and my oh my did I enjoy it. I won't say too much but it's set in London so if you are from London you would know the area's mentioned in this book.
Meal time was happily prepared by me and because I was already in a positive mood it meant I didn't feel cooking was a chore today.
Usually I am not the one who cooks, but may I say I can cook.
To end the day, it was so much different from my normal routine. Bedtime consisted with hours of scrolling through Instagram posts, Facebook posts and Snapchats but this day didn't. But, hey, I wasn't missing out on anything major.
Song of the Day
Raindrop Prelude - Chopin
Second Day
Music and time to myself make me feel more better. Since I've been super busy this journey definatly needed some focusing time on the things I had to push away during the busy period. Tehehe also this means me being in a good mood to cook. (I hardly ever cook, but when I do, lets just say the food tastes amazing as probably said before)
I did the same morning procedures and the wonderful breakfast set up.
I got out my keyboard played a few songs and got back to composing. I also did a few sing alongs to Whitney Houston as I do love her music.
Once or twice during this day I did wonder if people didn't mind that I wasn't answering there texts or calls but I let that pass as today was just about focusing on me and trying not to worry about anything.
 Song of the Day
Ponyo On the Cliff by the Sea - Hayao Miyazaki Collection
Third Day
So today was more about giving. Happiness is complete when you have time to also focus on sharing/giving. It shows you are compassionate towards others and seeing their smile is something that you have definitely achieved.
I also took public transport for the first time in ages because normally I drive but I guessed I saved petrol and the environment by 0.1% (but every little count helps).
I didn't feel much of a grief in terms of spending money of gifts. It didn't faze me at all because begin in the positive mood you know that you are giving and sharing happiness with others.
As well as giving you get back the kindness from them which ended my three day positive journey even better than I had initially expected.
Song of the Day
River Flows Into You - Yiruma

So now after these 3 days, I feel so much more alive and postitive. I have learnt to accept me for how I look on the outside and learnt to grow myself within me.
Im not afraid anymore to leave the house without make up or have sudden urges to be typing or scrolling for countless hours on my phone. Ive learnt that the world has so many awating things to discover.
So why not take a turn yourself from the daily life of repeated patterns and just step away from the negative feelings.

I did a little video of it.
It is very random, tehehe, but I must say the food parts might make you hungry.

Hope you all have a wonderful blessed day everyone.
Lots of kisses and hugs

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