“Every dreamer knows that it is entirely possible to be homesick for a place you've never been to, perhaps more homesick than for familiar ground.”  
~Judith Thurman~

So it's that's time of the year to decide your next trip abroad.
Maybe you have so many places in mind, but don't particularly know which place will fit your budget. Maybe you're thinking about treating the family so you're probably thinking which place has enough entertainment. Maybe you planning a trip for you special someone or maybe a shopping trip abroad with your close friends.
Perhaps The UK is your best choice which caters for everything you were looking for.

Hello wonderful readers. Welcome back to another Blog Post, and I know I might seem like I am inconsistent with blogging, however I am currently working on quiet a number of projects and working on how I can share it to you all.
Today's blog post is really special, as I am doing a collaboration with a lovely blogger called Erica.

"My name is Erica, I'm 23 years old and have an intense passion for all things "Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle" related.
I recently graduated from West Virginia University with a B.S in Journalism majoring in Strategic Communications (Public Relations & Advertising) with a minor in Leadership Studies.
Along the way I fell in love with writing. I am inspired by Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and Travel which just happen to be the topics I enjoy most to write about."

We both have been working on this small project together trying to create a list of places to visit and do while abroad. within the UK and The States. So without any further ado, Lets get into the places I really recommend for you to visit if you are visiting The UK.

This list consists of places to visit in England, Scotland and Wales. So no matter which part you're visiting in the UK I have it all covered in one blog post.
So whether you're here on a budget or just to tick off places on your bucket list there's just about enough places to make your trip memorable.

Since I am mostly based in England (London to be specific), I do have a whole range of places for you to visit.

Richmond Park (Affordable)
If your thinking about having a picnic on a sunny day or maybe capturing the perfect picture just at the sight of dusk then Richmond Park is defiantly a place to visit. Another one of my recommendations especially since it is part of the Royal Parks in the UK.
 I love driving to this Park and the good thing is you can actually drive into the park and spot Red/Fallow Deer's. A car park is also available if you do want to do some exploring.
This location is also good for those who enjoy the outdoors and yoga or some meditation time. This is because this National Park covers about 2500 acres with a stream and 2 ponds, so you are pretty sure to find yourself an area for peace and quiet.
Visit the website to find out more information.

Woburn Safari Park (Holiday Price)
Ever wondered about a place where you don't have to pay extra money to get a plane ticket to Africa and go on a safari?
 Well if you have chosen the UK you still have a chance to go on a Safari. (Despite the weather conditions at times) When its sunny you'll feel like your in the Heart of Africa, viewing the Zebras, watching monkey's take a ride on your car roof and even a Seal aiming for the stars (If you watch the performance you will see). Or maybe you feel like trying out a walking Safari which is  possible at Woburn Safari Park.
Visit the website for more information about tickets and Woburn Abbey and Gardens.

Bournemouth Beach (free-Affordable)
Bournemouth Beach is a sandy beach located on the south side of Dorset. A very Popular beach In the summer (as well as Brighton Beach which consists of pebbles and a mini London Eye) and just one train ride away from Waterloo Train Station in London.
If you're planning to visit for a day, the place is filled with activities from exploring the shopping centre, to being up high on the hot air balloon or just spending a little quiet time with your special one on Bournemouth Pier.
Don't Forget the Special 'Fish and Chips' which I always recommend and the good thing is you don't have to spend much so visiting the beach is reality a free day out.

South Bank (free-affordable) 
South Bank is a place to be especially if you're young and into Creative Arts. Everywhere you turn your view will not be empty because there is always something that will fascinate you. I love walking through South Bank especially during the summer when acrobatic street performers come and create a scene where everyone gathers around to watch (you might find your self being in the centre volunteering to be featured).Also if you into graffiti and skating there is a skate park which seems to be located almost as if it were underground. This place does not stop there as you are just beside the River Thames where you can take a cruise on a boat and after experience a lovely Italian Meal at one of the restaurants the have or to end the day with your loved one, go on the London Eye to see the London Lights gleam.

Central London (free-affordable)
Covent Garden is close to Leicester which features China Town.
West End, Wicked and The Lion King !!! Everything is close by if you go by Tube ! Your also a tube away from Oxford street where all the main Shops are such as the famous Selfridges. If you're more into alternative fashion or a thrift store shopper than the best places to visit are Quirky 'Brick Lane' and Camden. These places have large markets are thrift stores selling original fashion and modern edgy fashion.

Oxford  (Moderately Affordable)
Maybe you have a future dream to send your child to Oxford University or maybe enjoy a bit of transportation via the canal. Or just have a chance to escape the city life for Greenery.
Oxford is widely known for one of the worlds highly top ranked University (Oxford University) which is also great within the architectural side.
Maybe after examine every inch or architecture you can end your day with a lovely ride and some canals offer meals so make sure to have your day prepared so you don't forget to have something to eat.

Thorpe Park (Moderately Affordable)
Time to Test your fears.
Rides, if you think you can conquer anything lets see if you can conquer all the rides at Thorpe Park. A very popular place for many teenagers during the summer. I have been here a few times and let me tell you, make sure you bring a raincoat. If it rains then at least you're protectant and even if it doesn't you will still need it as a shield from the water rides.

Winter Wonderland (Affordable)
Winter Wonderland is located in Hyde Park (Central London) and close to Oxford Street where you can do a lot of shopping. Hyde Park is of course free to enter and is always filled with so many people ranging from tourists to skaters. So if you're into skating don't forget to pack your roller blades.
During the winter, come along with your family and enjoy the candy floss and ice skating. If you really aren't a big fan of the scary looking rides that Thorpe Park has. It's also super pretty to have a mini London Eye where you can still see most of London for more of a affordable price. For those who have height fears, just make this a bucket list challenge.

Lake District. (Moderately Affordable)
So I have luckily been to see the wonderful View of Lake District. And Wales isn't just known for sheep!!! The views from the hills are amazing. If you're into outdoor activities especially Hiking this is the best place to be.
There is also a place where activities from water rafting to mounting climbing are available.
So do make sure to pack those steady Timberlands or hiking boots.

Explore True Britain - Stonehenge (Affordable)
You may have come across this picture a couple of times. Well yes. This is a good place to see if you are visiting the UK. At least its something to tick off your bucket list (because it is on mine currently). It may seem boring to some but again if you're into exploring historical places then this should defiantly be on your list. Did you know that  the famous circle was not built in one part but four (over a period of time) which many people would probably have not known.
Located in Salisbury which is close to Dorset so if you are planning a road trip make sure this is an area on your GPS you drive through.

I have yet to explore Scotland but I have chosen a few places to see during my future road trips.
Scotland Highlands. In the mist of the Scotland Highlands you'll come across an area called Loch Ness. Bet you've heard of this word before but with another word... Loch Ness Monster. This is where it originated from by the Loch Ness Lake. To see if it is real do take a trip to visit this part of Scotland during your time.
Or if your feeling to just stay in an area where someone is around every time you blink then do visit Edinburgh. Great place to stay and also places to explore such as Edinburgh Castle.

Just in case you feel  you can do more in the space of time you have abroad in the UK or maybe even if your a local but haven't thought of going anywhere, here is a list of other places to explore.
Bluewater Shopping Centre(I really would have mentioned these places in detail because really these places are defiantly places to check out)
  • Brighton Beach
  • Dorset (Old Harry)
  • Isle Of White
  • Plymouth
  • Bath
  • Liverpool

Thank you everyone for taking time to read this blog and hope you do find these places interesting to visit.
Please do check out Erica's Blog Post for 10 places to visit in the US. If you do plan on going. I have yet to visit myself.
I look forward to collaborating again with her so watch this space ;)
As well as follow her on her Social Media Sites.                

Lots of kisses and Hugs
Stacey and Erica

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