'Who Am I ?
Just a Girl
Young ?
I think that is correct.

But who Am I really ?
A Dreamer
A Human Being with a Goal
A Believer that I can make it in this world.

We all have Dreams,
Some dreams are different to our neighbours dreams,
Some dreams seem ever so hard to achieve or out of the ordinary
However in this world, we have to think outside the box !!!
Take a Chance,
Take a Risk
Escape to a place where no one else has ever imagined
We all NEED a Dream
We all need to seek
This world wouldn't be Full of wonders
If they are to be left to be unexplored

As a Little Girl I've always imagined the world to be full of light,
Happiness and even Full of Positive Feelings
Although As I grew up I was faced with Reality that really a Little Girl would not even imagine
Reality can be very big, very upsetting and sometimes at fast pace.
Although, I still remember the Young Me
The Young me who imagined the world in a different light
That is who I become when I want to Dream.

No matter where you are in life,
Don't forget you were once young
You were once that little person that could do so much with out a care in the world
You could Pretend you were Tarzan in the Wild Jungle
Or you could Pretend you were a Princess locked up in a castle waiting for a Prince in Shinning Armour to come save you.
Are you afraid to think like that now.
Don't Be
Because You were once that little person that could do so much without a care in the world.
You can Still be that person
Don't Forget
That's the easier way to Dream and Believe your Dream will happen
Reality shouldn't Stop you
Nor should your current self.
Keep Dreaming Everyone and This is a start to my Soon to be Favourite Page
'Discovering Us'
I really want to feature so many people who have Dreams, Goals and Ambitions.
You can Be at the Beginning of your journey whether its
Starting up a YouTube Channel, Blog, Photography anything that makes you want to make it out there.
Just make sure you are fully committed to your Dream and I shall be looking forward to seeing you making it !!!
No Journey should be done alone.'
Hope you enjoyed this Blog Post
I really truly spoke my mind through this blog as I felt the need to write something that will encourage everyone especially myself to keep going and not worrying about me not making it to reach my Goals.

I know there's always a point where I think, to give up because im not getting the responses that I hoped for but, that's okay right ?
Everything takes time.
So I am putting myself as the First Person to Be Featured on this 'Discovering Us' Page.

A Little About me.
Watch this Video and you will know

Based In?
The UK
 What are My Goals ?
To Keep Dreaming
To Keep Believing
To Keep Achieving

I would love to drive my Blog Forward as well as my YouTube Channel.
I am currently on a Gap year so this is my main focus for this Gap Year before starting University.
I began My Blog and YouTube channel just to keep me away from most distractions (mostly boys at the beginning).
As I progress I look up to and get inspired by bloggers such as FroGirlGinny, The Tiny Closet as well as YouTubers such as Samantha Maria, Gracie Victory, Jamie and Nikki and generally everyone who is starting out there because if they can make it SO CAN I!


Where Do I see myself in A years Time, Five Years and 10 Years Time?
1 Years Time - University studying Broadcast Journalism as well as being known a little for my Blog and YouTube Channel.
5 Years Time - Graduated with a 1st Honours Degree and travelled nearly every continent.
10 Years Time - Happy Family and probably still going with my Blog and YouTube Channel.

Any final words/Quote?
Things Take Time !!! Patience is A Virtue.
Work Hard, Play Hard and Enjoy Yourself !!!
(From my Primary School In Zimbabwe)
Social Media Sites to Follow and Check out?
Twitter https://twitter.com/zimzygirl (@zimzygirl)
Instagram https://instagram.com/zimzygirl/ (@zimzygirl)
Lots of kisses and Hugs

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