Happy 7th of December !!!
I know, I said I shall be posting blogposts for BLOGMAS every day and videos for VLOGMAS, but it seems time has got the best of me. Therefore I am currently running a little late of uploading them.
However I shall try to catch up and I guess I will just continue to upload when I can !!!

So today, I am super happy to announce that I have completed my first Project. I created an Apron (using IKEA FABRIC).
It does seem pretty basic, although I had to take myself back to the beginning and re-teach myself to use the sewing machine. It was gathering dust in the closet, but it's such a really good sewing machine. (hold on did that make sense???)
Okay so without any further ado, let me get started on the instructions. (/'V')/

What you need:
  • Fabric (plain colour and patterned)
  • Measuring tape
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Straight Pins
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Thread of your colour Choice
  • A4 paper (for any designs)
  • Chalk (to trace around the fabric but I just used a pencil)
  • Yourself (of course...) 

Step 1

 Take you piece of fabric and lay on the floor and take your ready made apron and lay on top of fabric.
Fold fabric in half with apron on top and trace about 1.5" away from the apron.
Now you can cut around the fabric.

Step 2

Remove the apron you traced around and unfold your cut fabric. With the patterned fabric, design your pocket and any other patterns you would like. For mine I just had a pocket which was half a circle..
To create a half a circle pocket.
  1. Just get a piece of A4 paper
  2. Fold in half
  3. Cut a shape which is a quarter of a circle.
  4. Place on patterned fabric and cut out shape
  5. Unfold fabric and there is your perfect half a circle.
 You are now ready to start to create where the hems will be so that your fabric won't fray and it will look neat.

Step 3

To create a hem crease you can use an iron (although I just used my nails). You do this by folding roughly 0.75" and fold it again which adds up to the 1.5" that was around the template apron. For the neck part, when creating a hem, leave a gap in between so that you can thread through using a pin the neck tie.

 Do this for ever piece of fabric you have cut especially the tying straps. For rounded shapes, do take your time with hemming as there will be a few overlapping folds. And don't forget to use your straight pins to hold the hems in place.

Step 4

One everything is ready and pinned you are now ready to start sewing everything together.
Do this by placing exactly where you want the pocket to be positioned on your apron and other patterned ideas.
Start off with the pocket. You need to sew down the hems first before sewing it onto the apron.
Make sure that you sew about 1cm away from the edge so when you attach to the apron you have enough space for the stitch to be (close to the edge). For this apron I just went along and used the Zig Zag Stitch. For those hand stitches out there just the straight stitch will be fine.

Step 5

Continue sewing everything together and making sure everything is looking just how you vision it.
For the neck part, once you have finishing creating the seams/hems so can get a pin, attach it to the strip of fabric and thread it through the gap you left and make sure to stitch it down. Hand stitch will work best for this. Do this for the strips which you shall use to tie your apron.

Step 6

For all the thread ends, use smaller fabric scissors to chop of those ends to create a finish look to your apron.
Try it on and see how it looks :) :) :)


Instead of a normal strip of fabric use wool to create more texture.
You need 9 strips of wool which measures just about around your neck with an extra 15cm.
Divide those strips into 3 and plate them together into a braid.
Make sure to secure the braids with a knot on either end.
Take one side and attach it though the gap and sew it on. Do this for the other side. (Hand stitch works best)

To create the Bow Tie.

All you need is a rectangle
Fold in half
Create your hems
Sew the hems
Pinch in the middle
Wrap some thread around
Sew on a button to jazz it up and cover up the thread.

If you liked this D.I.Y post be sure to check back soon on more coming along soon to your nearest screen.

Check out my video for more of a visual look on YouTube.
(Watch me use a sewing machine for the first time, and oh my is that even fabric scissors I'm using???)

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Stay blessed and have a wonderful day
Lots of kisses and hugs


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