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Mina San Konnichiwa !!!

Today I am super happy to present to you my second D.I.Y Project.
This Project is defiantly one of my favourite ones so far (although I have only created two things so far...). The fabric I used (from Ikea) is defiantly one of my favourite because of the floral pattern it has and as you may or may not know, I love FLOWERS !!! Plus I'm currently transitioning my room away from PINK (I still love pink, it just doesn't go with my wall colour) !!!

This idea is defiantly really good if you are revamping your room,
or as a gift to someone you know who needs curtains. Remember to pick fabric that best matches your/their room theme, or if you/they are a colourful person than I guess a particular colour doesn't matter. And Lastly, this Project is super easy, as I will be giving you tips on how to make it easy to complete in no time.

Just in case you were wondering before I go into the "What You Need". For My Pair of curtains I just got 3.50m of 'Emmie Ros' fabric and cut in half. I had in fact got 1.5m more that the measurement of my window so that when I close the curtains there are some pleats. With my old curtains this was one thing which was missing as the curtains were way to small.
Also, I sadly forgot to get a second packet of the 'Kronill' Heading Tape from Ikea and therefore I was a little short, but fear not, being a DIY project, that doesn't matter, plus there's different ways to fix the problem. Where there's a Problem there's always a Fixer !!!

What you need:
  • Fabric of your choice
  • Lining (Optional)
  • Measuring Tape
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Thread
  • Curtain Heading Tape (Optional)
  • Sewing Machine or Heming Tape
  • Iron

Step 1
Take your measured fabric and fold in half (if not done so already).
Cut the fabric in half so the curtain becomes a pair.
Now you're ready to start
And do the same with the curtain lining if you opt for this option.

Step 2
Begin to create hems on your fabric.
Do this by folding about 0.5" and fold again. You can create a crease by using an iron (although I used my nails). This helps especially when pining down and sewing the fabric.
Now pin the hems using the straight pins.

Step 3
Using your sewing machine, sew down the hems using thread which is close to the fabric colour. (I usually just go for white).
Use smaller fabric scissors to tidy the loose thread by cutting them off.

Step 4
To create the top part of the curtain so you can place it on the curtain rail, take your heading tape out of the packet.
Measure how much you need from one end of your curtain to the other and cut of the bit you don't need.
Use that for the other curtain.
Fold each end about 0.5cm to create a seam so that the heading tape does not fray and sew it down.
Sew the heading tape down. Do this by sewing the top from one end to the other and the bottom of the heading tape. This is so you have a gap in between the fabric and heading tape.
Now you have your heading tape attached, you can see that there are many options to hand up your curtain.

Step 5
Hang up your curtains and There You Have it. Curtains made just by you.
You should feel proud !!!
I DO !!! (/'V')/

Can you iron ? If yes, then instead of using a sewing Machine, you can use an iron. All you need is hemming tape. This is a good idea,  especially if you're a beginner.
If your opting for the easy option of using hemming tape follow Step 1-2. Place the hemming tape on the fabric first. Next fold to create the hem and iron the hem until fabric is attached. (10-15 seconds).
If you have a curtain pole, the most easiest and basic way to create a heading for the curtain is:
Fold over the edge, the same way as folding to do a hem.
Next, using either the hemming tape or sewing method, only sew the bottom of the fold.
This will create a gap in between the hem.
Now, once everything is secure you can now thread the pole through the gap.
Easy as Pie.

Curtain Tie backs.
If you have left over fabric all you need to do is create two thick strips.
Make sure to fold over the edges to create hems.
Sew them down.
To attach them onto the curtain, hand sew them on each end of each curtain. You can use the button method to create a curtain tie back.

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