'The more I climb up this mountain, the weaker my body gets. The more I ignore the flaw the closer I get to the top.'

 Hello Wonderful Readers and Welcome to the NEW YEAR.
Hope everyone is doing well and had some time off to spend with the family.
Maybe some of you have eaten quite a bit and are ready to burn off all that Turkey. Maybe some of you are ready to start saving up for that brand new car or trip to Japan (ME).
To start off the New Year, I have decided to create a blog post that maybe most of you are willing to read since it's in the content of 'Motivation'. We need motivation no matter what stage of our journey we are at.
The word 'G.O.A.L/S' has really been everywhere.  I've realised It has been with me ever since I could dream about the wonderful life I would see myself in.
But the thing is, sometimes these Goals and Dreams seem un-reachable and we loose our focus on what we are capable of achieving.

If you are a regular reader you probably have seen a lot in my blog posts I talk about Dreaming because I want to people to know they can come true and that you shouldn't be afraid to dream no matter what situation you're in.
Dreams Keep us going, so don't be left alone. Start your DREAM here.

Back to the Word 'GOALS'.
Now when we dream we set up some GOALS to reach that dream. For example a Dream Job.
One of my Dream jobs is to be a Broadcast Presenter on the BBC. I have worked myself up the path way to reach my dream job and my oh my do I still have a long way to go.
I am currently taking the path of studying at university and then getting work experience which would open the doors for me.
However with this I know it will take some time but I know I have to be patient and willing to make mistakes and learn from them.
Goals are not easy to reach but they require someone who is optimistic, someone who is-willing-to-be patient, someone who is willing to be pushed down but continue without letting anything make them go astray and someone who will be happy to help others along the way.
So if you're up for a challenge, the Goals Chasing BEGIN !!!

 Gather all your thoughts and then filter them.
This is the first step of reaching your GOALS. It may sound a little radical but listen, this is a simple way of putting it. Sometimes when we have a lot of imagination we get so over whelmed and end up not carrying them forward. We get lazy, we start loosing hope, we forget about them.
 Think of it like editing a picture before you upload it and share it with the world.
When editing a picture, you want it to give a good aura' that people will automatically be intrigued by.
I would say, start up with a fresh Diary. Write down all your thoughts on what you want to achieve and what will be important to you. You want to make this fresh start a memory that you won't forget. Make sure there is a bit of a challenge so that way you learn more about yourself.
Be open to changes.
 Remember, sometimes as you plan your life you may find something unexpected jumping into your pathway. Everything is not exactly meant to be planned. Examples include babies, someone very close falling sick or even someone suggesting a different option that may be better for you. Just know everything happens for a reason and sometimes take these as a blessing. No one is perfect so don't be afraid to just let the unexpected take you on a little detour on your pathway.

Aspiration and who inspires you
Have aspiration. For those who may not understand what it means, it means to have an ambition. Sometimes we might not feel confident with our ambitions. The best thing to do is to look up to people who inspire you. See how they managed to get to where they are. Maybe they started out from scratch and every time they had an idea they would be turned down. However, they didn't stop trying. They continued with their ambition. Be that person that someone can aspire to.
 Learn to Love your self.
Learn to Love Yourself. There is no greater way of putting it. You are who are. Yes people may suggest other ways to improve your options or even opportunities, but at the end of the day its all up to you. No one can force you to do anything that you're not comfortable with. However once in a while take a risk. When you take a risk, you learn what you're good at, what skills you have and what makes you push harder. You become a stronger person.

Success happens when you're happy.
In this case its when you have reached the last stage of reaching you GOAL. It's taken a while, but we all know 'Success' comes with great patience. 
Everyone has the opportunity to reach success no matter how long their ULTIMATE GOAL will take. Remember even if you've reached your goal you don't just stop there. Develop your self more. Aspire to do something bigger. Your journey doesn't stop at the end of the tunnel.

~To summarise~
Make sure to appreciate everything that has got you to your goal. Remember every step you took to get there. The people that you've come in contact with, the hurdles that you've overcome and the sacrifices you've had to take.
Lastly appreciate YOURSELF.

Hope you reach your goal. Gambatte !!!
 Lots of kisses and Hugs


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