"Coming together is a beginning;keeping together is progress; working together is success."
~Henry Ford~


Heyyy my lovely readers,
Hope everyone is blessed and doing well.
I haven't done a 'ZIMZGIRL DIARIES' in a while and I thought why not do one. I have been currently intriguied by many YouTubers as well as Bloggers and I just feel I can learn a few things or two from them for my future posts. (So look out!!!)


Feeling a little spontaneous I decided to take a mini Road trip to Guildford Spectrum Leisure Centre. I remember visiting it once a few years ago with my cousins and I enjoyed it ever so much.
This time it was my turn to drive. Thank goodness I invested in a Tom Tom so it made it such a easy journey for me in terms of directions. I can tell you now, it took me on a route where the view was ascetically pleasing especially with the colours of the sky. (YES, I was still concentrating on the road).
Guildford Spectrum Leisure Centre is defiantly a place to add to you list of places to visit in England as it offers countless activities for the family or if you want to feel like a kid again. Activities include a Leisure pool which includes slides, a main pool and diving pool, to ice skating and a bowling centre and all for very affordable prices. I can tell you now, you will get lost in there so just make sure you remember which doors and corridors you walked through.
For us, our day there consisted of about 3 hours being a kid again in the Leisure Pool. Although a few slides were closed down for maintenance we still had a chance to make the most of it.(Can I just say, as ladies, we are usually prepared and for some males *cough cough* Luke and Warren, sigh, thank goodness for a cousin who brought spare towels...)
We then went to grab something to eat at WIMPY although I would probably visit a different place in terms of food but all was well. (What happened to WIMPY???)
We were meant to go ice skating however considering the time we decided to take a de tour and go bowling until it was time to head back home.
Driving at night time is so much better as the roads are more quieter although when you're the one driving and the others snoozing it can get a little lonely.

I literally have the smallest house in the world although, I love how no one seems to care and I am usually always with company here.
This day consisted with such wonderful company my best friend, cousins and Luke. (Shoutout to DJ Badness head over and check his soundcloud out here)

After a mini photo shoot with everyone, Luke and I. Ikea is either a LOVE AND HATE relationship between the most of us. I can guarantee for some of us, the one reason we do love IKEA is the food especially the meat balls which features the vegetarian version. I always seem to do things when the sun sets so our view was amazing watching the sun set.

I've learnt that things don't always go to plan, you just have to go with the flow right??? So since we planned to go to the cinema, which we arrived slightly late, we were luckily in a area which offers other activities such as an arcade. So, this time I thought if I play some pool, I'll probably be able to perfect my skills and win at least once. But lets face it, I never win and yes of course I didn't :( :( :( ...

A little video filming day with Maria and Luke. The weather had been on my side. I do quite love it when there's some sun in winter. This is especially if you've planned a filming day. So of course my favourite location to head out to London was Hyde Park.
It was Luke's last day in London so, pictures were defiantly on the list, since he lives a little far so pictures is always the best way to treasure memories. We all took the train and arrived at the perfect time of sunlight. I would say this is a very good place to take pictures and film especially if you're a Fashion Blogger/YouTuber.
It felt a little different as I had a photographer and Videographer.  This meant I had a little guidance on what types of  ways to pose or where to create good shots, hence why the title is called Togetherness.
Besides posing we had a little fun watching the sunset and seeing everyone just enjoy themselves. This concluded the end of a wonderful day. England isn't that bad guys.

Thank you so much everyone for making the start of 2016 amazing and I look forward to creating more memories.
Hope you enjoyed this blog post as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you all.

Lots of kisses and Hugs

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