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Happy Monday Everyone !!!
Hope everyone is all well !!!

'Enjoy life today, yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come'

Recently I did a mini make-up shopping spree with the lovely Maria. And I didn't expect to buy much.
Although, I knew I needed to update my make up draw as I wanted to clear out my old palates and bits and bobs floating unused in there.
I also decided to take this mission to invest in good makeup as I wanted my YouTube Channel to consist of make up as well as fashion. Makeup is really something that has been out of my comfort zone in terms of filming, however this is 2016. This is the year to just try new things and see where it takes you in your journey through life.

So, I bet you are wondering what I got and I'm so excited to show you !!!

Revolution Pro Fixing Spray - Superdrug

So this is the first time I have heard of this brand and I was not too sure about it at first. However, its a great way to see whether or not it will work even better for you. I knew I needed a fixing spray, because since I'm really into makeup no, I felt that I needed something that would make my make up stay on for a while longer. I knew the best place would be to start off with a Drugstore brand just to get my way on using it but I may one day try the Mac Version which I see gives such a glossy finish look !!! But for now I am more than happy with this fix spray and especially for the size it is such an affordable purchase.

Revolution Flawless Make Up Palate - Superdrug

 So in terms of make up palates, I currently have quite a few already, however as said before I needed a new one as the ones I had were not really pigmented. I feel in love with this palate in the store (besides the others) because it includes Matt colours and more of the colours I would wear regularly. It also comes with a mirror so its great if your on the go and need a mirror to see what you are doing.
Some of the colours do have a shimmer to them. However, I was more than happy with that so long as they showed more on my eyelids than the other palates I had.

Soap & Glory Bag - (Using as a make up bag)

I am currently using this bag as a lipstick carrier and its just super cute. I do quite like how its simple on the outside and the inside is totally different. Pink and Black stripes just to give more visuals when you open it I guess. This make-up bag is waterproof so its great if your using it as a travelling makeup bag and stores quite a handful of stuff inside.

Sleek - Press Powder- Superdrug

 This is a mini press powder that I was hoping would be just as good as the one that I currently have been loving. (I know you see the word 'hoping' *hint hint hint*).
The back story is the one I have, I didn't actually buy, so the brand is very much unknown to me and I highly doubt I would find this particular powder anymore. Ever since I 'borrowed' it from my mom, I have just been loving powder foundation and it gives me all the full coverage a liquid foundation would give.
With this press powder, when in the store, the shopping assistant did say it had to be changed because the previous packages left a shimmer on the face. Hence why matt is very popular finish in terms of make up. It was so hard trying to find one that matched my complexion and I take it this was chosen because the store was reaching closing time. After trying it I found that it didn't give the full coverage that my current favourite powder gives and I had to try it with liquid foundation first and then apply the powder. In my opinion, I prefer one foundation on my face than two. Although the output was not up to my standards, I shall still use it maybe as a set powder for my concealer !!!

Rimmel London Eyeshadow stick in Deep Amethyst.

Tinashe has a album called Amethyst and is more or less the same colour as this eye shadow stick...
So this was given to me by the lovely Maria (Thank you so much sweetie). Firstly I use eye shadow sticks and eye liners and lip liners for everything, so as soon as I got home, I applied it on my lips. This was just to see how the colour would look and see if it would be a good base for my purple coloured lipsticks.

Maybelline Waterproof Lash Mascara

 This Mascara is Waterproof so therefore when you coat it onto the lashes it produces a silicon like liquid. I decided to pick this mascara, as I was looking for a mascara that would be able to last through out the day. Especially if I end up watching a film and I become a little emotional, I don't have to worry about seeing panda eyes at the end. The brush is really unique with its curve like shape, this helps to get almost every eyelash on your eyelid at once. In terms of removing I use water however it is a bit of a task to remove. I am going to see if using oil based substance will help such as Vaseline ...???

Maybelline New York Eyeliner in Saturn

This eyeliner is by far the best liquid eyeliner I have tried. The one's that I have used, have all been a little tricky to use however this one has saved me...finally. The beautiful thing about this is even though it seems to come in a small packaging, it is worth the price and less is more ayyy???
The pointy brush is small however I feel it gives you more control in perfecting that winged eyeliner. The tip is as stable as the other end and this helps for those with wobbly hands as this helps to glide along the eyelid quite easily. I would say, a very well done to Maybelline New York for creating such a small yet helpful eyeliner.

L'Oreal Paris Lip liner in Berry Blush - Superdrug

This lip liner was more or less meant to be representing the popular Kylie Jenner lip colour. Although this lip liner does give a more redish pinkish output, I can tell you now, I have been using it so much. It's very good as a base colour, especially to in hence your lipstick, and its great on its own. However remember to apply a moisturiser first such as a lip balm.

B - Lipstick in Orchid - Superdrug

This lipstick is actually pretty good. It is a few pounds more than the Sleek Lipstick (in which I have quite a collection of), however it is pretty good in terms of its benefits. This lipstick colour firstly was chosen due to me trying to find a Kylie Jenner inspired lip liner and lipstick. This brand had a very similar colour. I didn't know until reading more that this is beneficial for those who a vegan or vegetarian. Therefore, I would highly recommend for all of you who are vegan or vegetarian to try this brand out. It is very moisturising so your lips won't feel too dry especially in the winter months. One last thing is, I get so distracted when I am about to use it as the way to open it, is by pressing it and it opens (it's a bit addictive).

Mac - Lipsticks


 This is by far my most exciting purchase. Let's Just say, I'm not a Mac Virgin anymore.
A little story, I went into Mac with Maria and tried on a few and fell in love with Antique Velvet. However, it wasn't my lucky day, as it was out of stock and other stores didn't have it. So I had to purchase it and I did... ONLINE (thank goodness for the internet and delivery).
To my amazement, for Valentines Day, I was gifted with 4 more colours. Whirl, Rebel, I feel that I shall grow into Mac, even though I am years late !!!

Mac Blush Fever

I accidently broke the lid...
Despite the broken lid, I do like this Mac Blush. It's more of a cool tone colour when applied on my cheeks. I was told, you can use it to contour as well. I would stick to my usual way of contouring however, this blush is great for using just on its own. I would say it works well especially for a winter makeup look and if you have a nude lip colour going on or a brown lip colour. It helps to define the face more so if you're looking to have more of a defined look this blush is just for you.

Okiesss dokiesss, so that is just about it in terms of make-up shopping, I mean I did pick up a few other things such as a selfie stick and received a beautiful charm for my Pandora bracelet. Other than that I'm so excited to share with you guys make-up tutorials and more hauls in the future. This is only the beginning.

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As always stay blessed and stay safe.
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