Today's thoughts | Making a Mark

Sometimes you just have to be the spark in the crowd to make a mark.

Heyyy, my wonderful readers. Hope you are all well.
You know, this week hasn't been so great.
However, the fact that the world is still moving and despite that I find myself here, typing and trying to forget about it. Sometimes I wonder why on earth does this world bring upon so much stress for someone like me.

We all need a place to escape and my place is blogging and creating videos. I feel that this is a way I can express my own true self. This is a way where no one has any form of control over me. Nothing like stress or time can affect me in any way because once I lay a finger upon my keyboard, I just feel like I have entered into a world of my own.
For some, they might think this is a way to distant yourself away from people or become less sociable or maybe become isolated. But that's not really true for, me, in my opinion, I do feel like I am connecting with other people, people who share the same interests as me, or maybe feel inspired by me. 
I know that even the 20 views I may get for each blog post, it adds up to something larger each time and I know that I will one day find that number has doubled or tripled. I know that I should give up..
And this is how I shall make my mark in this world.

I hope people can understand that, we all have our own ways of finding our true selves, and finding our true selves should not come with stress but come with patience and an optimistic mind. I know the road wont be easy, however, in today's world, what can you do, you can either be that person who just stresses or the person that just feels optimistic and understand that not everything comes at hand straight away.

In terms of my winter outfit number 1, I feel like this reflects today's post. It's about making a mark.
Not everyone likes the snap back or the tom boyish look on a female. However, I don't feel ashamed to sometimes rock out with a pair of Nike Air forces and a snap back. I still have my personality and my traits in this outfit which includes colour. I can put on what ever and still be myself, I know that people may stare but heyyy, isn't that the start of making your mark ???
Snap Back : I took it from my cousin, I really need to ask him where he got it from without him knowing I've claimed it as mine.
Scarf : Moms, however you can purchase it from Primark and Tesco's Clothing Line
Jumper: BHS
Jacket : School Clothing Shop hence why it comes with striped reflectors at the bottom, its good to be seen and safe especially during winter. Plus I think it really goes with the outfit.
Leggings : Local Boutique Store, which was relatively cheap
Shoes : Nike Trainers good for jogging
Bag: Primark, and it's pretty good quality !!!
Lips : Mac Rebel

Photo Credit to my darling sister

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Stay blessed and safe everyone.
Lots of kisses and hugs

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