So it seems the long thoughtful wait of wanting to dye my hair had finally come to a complete decision. Wait, in actually fact that day I spontaneously did want to dye my hair or as some may say, I finally took the plunge.

Being a girl, who loves to experiment with different styles, be it, hairstyles, fashion, make-up, I feel like I need something different with my natural hair. Just to give it a bit of a kick up and colour... (does that make sense...).
I have been natural, for quite some time now, maybe about over 3 years, although I know by the looks of it, it doesn't really show, however I am more than happy with my current hair growth, and there's no rush for it to reach the tips of my toes.

Now, this may be a little off the "natural wave" because I know I have put some sort of "chemical in my hair" but I was more than happy to trim it off if all went wrong. But going back to topic...I love it so much. However I can honestly say before-hand I was hoping for a lighter colour, a blonde colour, but not everything goes to plan and being virgin black hair it wouldn't have gone straight to blonde. It would need more than one go to get it to my desired colour. For now I am more than happy to say I have ginger hair which goes hand in hand with my Crush being Prince Harry. (flutter eye lashes).
What I needed:
Hair Dye (Loreal Intense Ombre)
Your favourite shampoo and conditioner (optional)
Blonde Silver (Purple) conditioner (optional to get rid of the brassy tones)
Speakers/Music for entertainment
Foil (optional)
Plastic Bag
A Quick Overview of  the process.
Firstly, after opening the box I made sure to read the instructions which took more than 50 minutes for it to absorb into my head... (a bit like the hair dye [WARNING:DON'T LEAVE HAIR DYE IN FOR THIS LONG PLEASE]).
Once taken in all the information I prepared my hair by sectioning it into 4 different parts making sure all knots were take out. Just so applying the hair dye would be easier than just kaplonking it randomly. Also it you have thick hair like me it makes it easier to know which parts you've done.
From the instructions if I remember correctly, there was a powder that had to be put into the bottle with a nozzle and a cream based formulae that also had to go inside. At first I thought this wouldn't be enough for my hair but trust me it was.
You will notice that it is quite a quick process until you get to the point of when you have to mix everything.
Shake !!! Shake !!! Shake !!!
... Whooo okay that stage is over now... its time to apply an even layer onto the brush looking applicator.
This is a reason why you need to make sure your hair is detangles because you don't want to put too much tension on your hair trying to let the brush pass through. I would say the brush reminds me of that tangle teezer brush.
Once finishing applying it, you have an option to put strips of foil which I would say helps to intensify the colour by helping it absorb more into the hair especially if your going from a dark colour to a light colour.
30 minutes wait...
The Hair dye comes with a shampoo to help, and I would suggest that its best to use it. So reading the instructions, I had to keep the gloves when rinsing out the hair dye.
After the first wash, then you are able to remove the gloves and use your favourite conditioner or maybe at this point you can choose to deep condition.
What I used was a Blonde Purple colour conditioner to help eliminate the brassy tones. (I just purchased mine from Superdrug, so anyone is pretty good)
And lastly was the part where you have to dry your hair.
In terms of Moisturising,
I have 3 products which I would recommend.
 Black Jamaican Caster Oil: Helps so much in terms of hair growth especially if you want to grow back your edges.
Water: Just put some water in a spray bottle (please if your using a DIY spray bottle and you use you bathroom cleaner one...just make sure to rinse it out thoroughly). It's best to spray this on first before putting the oils. This is so the oils can lock in all the moisture.
Profectiv: Now this is so good especially when applying it to the ends of your hair. Apply an even amount and its best if you section your hair. At night its always the best (although my mom says no it is not) because you can cover your hair with a plastic bag and then a scarf so the plastic bag doesn't move...
In the morning you wake up and find it so soft.
When you dye your hair or even so put chemicals you need to keep your hair
Moisturised !!! Oiled !!! Moisturised !!!

In terms of styling wise, I love to explore different styles that will help show of the new colour.
My most favourite hair style is the Mohawk or should I say Frohawk !!!
Watch the video below on how I achieve the hair style. But really in truly all you need is a few bobby pins and a brush/comb to puff out the Afro.
I would love to try out other ways of styling to, so be sure to keep updated on my YouTube Channel for more.
Thank you so much for reading this blog post and I shall see you again in my next post.
Stay wonderful, Stay Blessed and Stay Safe.
Lots of kisses and Hugs
P.S: If you have any suggestions for upcoming posts or videos, be sure to comment below or on my YouTube channel.
For any questions about my hair and how I take car of it in full detail, just let me know.

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