Sweet April showers, do Spring May flowers.
~Thomas Tusser~

Don't you find yourself questioning the seasons especially when you wake up expecting a bright Spring morning and it's clouds greeting you instead ? I know I do for sure!
I don't know why, but I suddenly loose all the outburst of energy that I should be getting as soon as I wake up. Maybe I haven't slept for long enough hey ?
It's a little worse if you already pre-planned a cute outfit for school or maybe a date and then you have to find something else. Should have Checked the Weather beforehand maybe...

However lets not put pure hate on the cloudy days. I've done a little research and found quite a positive side of having cloudy days besides staying indoors and maybe having a movie marathon.


For those who enjoy photography or maybe like me take pictures of my outfits, then this is probably a really good day to go about with your camera. From experience and the internets knowledge, I must say the lighting is perfect. The clouds provide a shade from the harsh lighting that the naked sun would produce if you took it under direct sunlight. Another example is, you are more of a focal point especially if you wear something colourful that shows through the greys.

For some, it may be a day for inspiration. Some people enjoy the comfort of the rain drops and feel that this triggers their mind to write. My mom is in this circle I know for sure and taking second lead is her daughter (aka me).
Jumper Dress-River Island/Boots-Primark/Hat-H&M/ Belt-Primark/Accessories- Pakaistan (Thank you Maria)/Bag-Fiorelle

One last mention, is that at least on a cloudy day, you don't have to water any plants. The rain does it all for you. This means the plants grow and on that sunny day you decide to go out, every corner will be filled with exotic flowers and colours, great for pictures.

So on that note,
Cloudy Days are the best days!
♥♥♥Happy Earth Day Everyone♥♥♥
Stay Blessed, Stay Wonderful and Stay Safe
~Thank you~
for taking the pictures for todays posts
~Todays Location~
Kings Road-Chelsea
Lots of kisses and Hugs


  1. UHM...Are you kidding me!? Everything about this post SLAYS!!!! You are killing it babe!!! Loving this! :)

    1. Thank you so much !!! Yayyyy I feel so happy now !!! I sure will keep slaying !!! #BloggingBuddy !!!

  2. i just follow your blog.nice post and blog.
    continue the good work.



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