'There is no real need for decorations when throwing a barbecue party - let the summer garden, in all its vibrant and luscious splendour, speak for itself.'
 ~Pippa Middleton~

Hello wonderful readers.
Welcome to my blog for those of you who are new. I'm known as Zimzygirl' although somehow I prefer to write it in lower case letters as 'zimzygirl', it looks a little better in my opinion.
As I was wondering what exactly to name this blog post, I thought about my day spent in Brixton. All the activities that happened and just that one event with a Brixton citizen... she was very interesting and I can't help but replay what she was saying. 
You see there's two types of people.
The first type is the people who see Brixton as a place not to enter, and then there's the type that Love Brixton for what it truly is.
For me personally I love Brixton just as it is, however I can agree that there are places which probably would need a little work on to improve it as well as help some of the residents living there. But this is what gives you a sense of reality.
For those of you who probably fall under there negative thought of Brixton, I shall try my best to at least give you some positive pieces. (Thanks to Tafari for telling me a few extra things or two to help again with giving Brixton a Positive light).
Firstly, once you enter Brixton you'll be amazed by the amount of people casually going on about their day. It's not too far from central London and with frequent buses and Tube Station it only takes about 15 minutes or so to enter London South Bank or Oxford Street.
There's always Market Stalls in Brixton (Brixton Market), so for those who enjoy the hustling of Market Stall keepers (tried to search for a word to call them) then definitely take a walk or two and by two I mean there is more than just one road set up with Market Stalls.
Brixton still has regular grocery stores and high street shops so you'll never run out of Milk or Bread.
 If you want to just avoid travelling further afield aka Oxford Street , and if you love shopping for clothes then you're lucky. There's your regular high street stores because as well as the markets you have your main stores such as TK MAXX, JD SPORTS and Carphone Warehouse.
 Hat-Forever 21/Glasses-H&M/Fur Scarf (Part of a Blazer Jacket-River Island/Blouse-Topshop/Leggings-Primark/Bag-Dolce&Gabana Perfume Set/Shoes-Timberlands/Earrings-I Forgot Sorry/

Now the art is what gives Brixton it's name. Almost every corner you turn you are greeted by wonderful Art pieces and artsy looking people.
It's a place to connect street with art and I'm pretty sure there are many youth groups around Brixton which help out to create the art pieces you see.

My last point is Diversity.
Brixton is full of diversity. Its full of many cultures and that is something which I shall put as my top point for loving Brixton.
You can tell as you enter there many people from all walks of life and from all ends of the world.
There are many places where people can connect such as the bars just along the high street such as the Ritzy Bar which I have been to (actually the Theatre section).

I would say Brixton is the centre for both the old generation and the young to connect. Like box of  skittles so many colours and they just give a burst of energy.

♥♥♥Happy Monday Everyone♥♥♥
Stay Blessed, Stay Wonderful and Stay Safe
~Thank you~
 for taking the pictures for today's posts
~Todays Location~
Lots of kisses and Hugs

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