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 Heyyy lovelies,
Hope you are all well !!! How was your Easter Weekend/Week ??? I hope the majority of you had time to rest or at least a minute or two to yourselves and just to reflect so far on the year. I feel this year is moving swiftly it's already coming up to April and Spring is here. (Well where I'm at currently its Spring).

I've been away from Snapchat and Instagram (well that's what I lastminute.com gave up for lent), so I've been slightly away from the current thing happing although I must admit it's made me head over to Tumblr and my YouTube a bit more. I'm so happy to see how my YouTube channel is growing and it's all thanks to you all !!! Thank you ~xXx~
Apart from working a lot as well, I did spend Sunday off with the family and that is one thing that everyone should feel blessed and happy about. Guess what, I cooked for once. (If you know me I hardly ever cook and for me to do this, it definitely is a day to remember)

~Easter Sunday's Menu~
Starters - (Breakfast)
Oats Porridge... 
Late Lunch/Dinner
Stuffed Kale Lamb
Stuffed Kale Beef
Cinnamon Rice
Vegetable Stew
Victoria Sponge Cake
Strawberry Trifle

I knew, in order to make the flavours sink in I had to begin preparation the day before and trust me to do it at midnight...
However, this is a good time as everyone was asleep and I didn't want them to see what all I mixed in to create this gorgeous feast.
All in all, I would say it took me about four hours to get everything cooked and ready to be indulged in.

I can tell you now, once I turned my back, and looked back, I was in a different sight, everything had been cleared, and I made a large consumption or everything. Tehehehe, Chef Zimzygirl deffo needs to cook more, which my mom is always persisting me to do as I should to prepare myself for university life.
But, as they say, that's for a different day.

The majority of my week though, was full of work however, pretty much most of my shift were pretty good as I finished the same time as my mom so the evening was all down to bonding time.
I can tell you now, definitely these type of sessions are so good as you can share experiences together and just have a time to talk about the positive things in life.
(Love you mom).

Ahahaha I know this blog was pretty random, and probably late, however I just wanted to write something and let you all know I'm still here and I have no plans on leaving !!! Tehehe this reminds me of a written vlog post, almost like a transcript ayyy.

(Bonding Time)

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Enjoy yourselves, stay safe stay blessed and stay wonderful.
Lots of kisses and Hugs
P.S I look forward to seeing you again in another post.

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