Discovering Our Culture 2016

"the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society."

As the youth of the next generation, we are faced with many problems in this world to solve.
We have so much that life throws at us yet most of us just accept it and move on.
I guess that's how we should face it.
But wait, lets be a little more diligent in what we do here.
So at times, we as Youth want to find who we are. Sometimes with all the media footage of what wrongs we've done, we tend to hide ourselves more and enter a dark hole.
However I believe we all have something in us as Youth, we all have our own cultural ways. Something we can turn to and look to for guidance to get us back up on our feet.
That something is our Culture.
You may come from a set Cultural background such as a tribe, but I believe we can create our own.
After all culture is something that defines us.


 Uniqueness comes within. If you say you are different then you are different. Who is to question you?
Everyone can have an individual style not just in what they where but in what they do. Think about it, there's a lot of things you can do to be unique. (I'm not really talking about anything dangerous here)
 This word ties in with Uniqueness. Diversity is about having more than just one set root. Most of us are living in a diverse world. I say most because we haven't yet reached 100%. Diversity, should be accepted especially in this new generation where most people interact with different people around the world and travel.

For most of us, culture is our life. It is what forms our path. Without a path, we don't have anywhere to go. Unless you can fly, but even so you need to know in what direction to go. Think about the different tribes for instance, and their cultures. Think about what they have to do in order to survive, especially those living in remote areas. Without their culture and people around them how would they know how to fend for themselves. 
 Culture is about sharing the difficulties with each other and finding a way to pass through it. It's also about sharing your knowledge with the next generation. I speak about the next generation because as humans of today, we can help shape our world.

It's about being open to music, food and our most importantly our voices.
Being accepted in today's world is harder than people. 100s of years before us, we all had a set trend, however now, that the media is involved it makes it harder to keep up. Thus meaning most of us try and find our own ways of being accepted for our individuality.
There is so much in terms of culture that is around us, although some of us chose to ignore it.

For the younger generation we understand that we want to be different but different in a way where people can still communicate with us instead of leaving us to fend for ourselves. We are all human after all, therefore it's not a crime to show who we are and how our culture represents us.  


Think about the Colourful flags that represent each country. This is also a way we can enhance ourselves by wearing the flags where we are from and not being shy of anyone's views/opinions.

 Without colours, we would live in a dull world.

What is Culture to YOU ?

All over London
Thank you to everyone, once again, who featured.
Tafari, Khatija,Harvey, Sapphire, Sean, Nadia,
Everyone that I met up with have been such a breath of fresh air, and its been amazing hearing from you all.
Stay blessed and Stay Happy,
Lots of kisses and Hugs

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